Damen HeatGear Armour® High Support Sport-BH

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Modelgröße: Größe: Passform: Enganliegend
Damen HeatGear Armour® High Support Sport-BH

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Äußerst strapazierfähig, superunterstützend aber auch superbequem. Dies ist dein neuer Lieblings-BH für jede intensive Aktivität.
  • Enganliegend: Hautenger Schnitt ohne Einengung
  • Er bietet strategische Unterstützung für Aktivitäten mit hoher Intensität, wie Laufen, Feld- und Platzsportarten und Aerobic
  • Fixierte Performance-Pads sorgen für zusätzliche Unterstützung und sind dennoch atmungsaktiv
  • Der Gel-beschichtete Bügel bietet dir Komfort und Unterstützung
  • Verstellbare Träger für eine individuelle Passform
  • Netzstofffutter und -einsätze mit Keyhole-Detail am Rücken sorgen für extra Belüftung
  • Das geschmeidige, Schweiß wegleitende Band hat einen einfachen Ösenverschluss für leichtes An- und Ausziehen
  • Der superglatte, doppelschichtige HeatGear®-Stoff bietet ein angenehmes hautnahes Gefühl und bleibenden Komfort
  • Das Material leitet Schweiß weg und trocknet sehr schnell
  • Der 4-Way-Stretchstoff sorgt für größere Bewegungsfreiheit in alle Richtungen
  • 87 % Polyester/13 % Elastan

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Sports Bra - High Intensity

Exellent product. Really supportive and comfortable but equally doesn't leave you with that 'squashed' look that some other sports bras do. Thoroughly recommend !

Love This

This bra is amazing. It fits well, a little on the tight side under the arms, but to be expected given that it's a high impact item. It is very comfortable & I am not aware of it during my activities. It can be quite tricky to remove after an activity, but it stays in place along with everything else, It has the added bonus of not compressing everything but is completely supportive at the same time. It keeps me dry & comfortable for the whole workout. I would highly recommend this product.

Bon produit

Excellent support et confortable. J'en ai acheté un pour essayer et refait une commande par la suite. Les couleurs sont belles et discrètes.

Sports bra that gives you bigger boobs

I was SO excited when I got this sports bra, only to be really disappointed. I went by the size chart and my normal bra size (cause I saw it was actual cups and not compression style), and it's just way too big. I have the band and shoulder straps as tight as they can go, and I still don't even fill out the enormous cups. I did not return it for a smaller size because at first fit, it seemed ok (ordered online), but after actually working out in it is when I noticed the problems with the fit. I'm 5' 2.5", 160lbs, normal bra size 36C. I cannot run in this sports bra without feeling my boobs bouncing around inside the 80's Madonna cups. It's not fun. Also, it's weird, to me, for a "high impact" sports bra to make my boobs look twice their normal size, almost. Summary Pros: Material is very soft and comfortable against the skin. Lots of adjustability with the back hook clasp and shoulder straps. Properly fitted, I'm sure is very comfortable. Cons: Makes your boobs look huge. Formed shape and material make the cups buckle and pucker open with any arm movement across the front of your body.

Demasiado volumen

Color y diseño preciosos. Tejido de muy buena calidad, como todo lo de la marca. Para mi gusto, los tirantes son demasiado anchos y me encuentro demasiado encorsetada. Aun así, la sujeción es normal. Yo no me lo pondría para correr, por ejemplo. Atención a la talla americana, que no tiene nada que ver con la europea. De hecho es bastante difícil acertar con la talla. En mi caso, terminé devolviéndolo.

Like the bra but it's not designed for taking it off! Front closure-type would be much better.

I have a few of these bras and they are comfortable and work well for someone who plays ice hockey. However, it is very tough to get on and off especially when you're sweaty. Most times when I'm trying to take it off after hockey, I have to have my boyfriend help me. The straps are adjustable which is very nice and the fabric wicks moisture away very well. This is why I purchased more of them although I'm not crazy about putting one on just due to the design. It would be great if you could get in and out of this bra with some type of front closure which would eliminate having to pull it off over your head. You also run the risk of getting the bra hooks caught in your hair which is very unpleasant.

Zero support

Perfect fit in terms of the waist and cup sizes but unfortunately this comfortable sports bra offers no support whaysoever which is a shame. Otherwise, very happy with other UA purchases.

Nice and unique

I bought this sport bra as a gift for my daughter. It fits well is comfortable and look nice

Almost there.

I ordered this online and was happy when it arrived — it had all the features I wanted, & I liked the color. The best feature for me is that it has the molded cups, not removable pads that always need adjusting. Unfortunately, the size was larger than other brands I have and my “girls” were swimming! I’ll try a smaller size next time.

Great buy

Excellent quality product and a great fit with good support and absorbency. It is a little bit awkward to put it on to start with but after a while you can get the hang of it.