Damen Project Rock Trainingsshorts

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Damen Project Rock Trainingsshorts

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„Project Rock ist mehr als bloß eine Marke, es ist eine Bewegung. Es geht um die Grundeinstellung, mich zu 100 % nicht dafür zu interessieren, welche Hautfarbe du hast, wie alt du bist, wo du herkommst oder was du beruflich machst. Ich interessiere mich nur dafür, dass wir beide alles überwinden und schaffen können – ganz egal, wie groß die Herausforderung auch ist. Alles fängt jedoch damit an, wie viel Arbeit wir selbst investieren wollen.“ – Dwayne Johnson
  • Lose Passform: Weiter Schnitt für absoluten Komfort
  • Die UA Storm-Technologie ist wasserabweisend, ohne die Atmungsaktivität einzuschränken
  • Das Stretchgewebe ist robust, aber trotzdem leicht
  • Der 4-Way-Stretchstoff sorgt für größere Bewegungsfreiheit in alle Richtungen
  • Das Material leitet Schweiß weg und trocknet sehr schnell
  • Weicher Strickbund für zusätzlichen Tragekomfort
  • Mehrlagige Netzstoff-Details am Saum
  • Innenbeinlänge: 6 cm
  • 87 % Polyester/13 % Elastan

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Mind. Max.

tight and see through

I thought I would get the same size i normally do and found them very small around my bum, which meant they were riding up creating not only a wedgie but a camel toe too, which wouldn't be comfortable for running. The waistband was sturdy and a perfect fit though. The colour is see-through, my tattoo was visible aswell as underwear which isnt ideal. They look a much looser fit on the model. For the price, there are much better options, this is the first thing I have had from UA I havent been happy with. The feel of material was nice. Such a shame.

Get them, NOW, in each color!

These shorts right here, are one of the best purchases I have ever made! I work as a deckhand on a dive charter. The material that these shorts are made of is similar to that of your popular fishing button up shirts. Not the regular sticky dry fit stuff. So I’m confident these will be able to take the salty beatings especially any amount of sweat. These things have FULL pockets! (Drop the mic) Huge round of applause to the designers of these shorts for remembering that women want pockets too! Now let’s talk squats, normally with shorts that have a similar fit to these I have an issue with the bottom of the shorts pushing down on my thighs and rolling up. These do not do that at all, they have just enough stretch in them to give with your more intense movements. Final comments, it’s a stretchy comfortable waist band that holds the shorts on your body perfectly. Loose fitting and no weird panty mesh thing! Plus they have a super awesome tropical design to accent the sides of them. I am in love with the fit, the feel, and the look. I am 5’2” 120 pounds. I could have gotten an XS but I’m planning for some gains.

Great performance shorts

I don't mind wearing them for comfort every so often however, I much prefer them as walking or working out shorts. I always have a problem with my thighs rubbing together and like a pocket for my phone so, I usually stick to leggings with pockets, but these are the first shorts I've liked in a while. They have a nice inseam length, the pocket is big enough for my phone to stay comfortably and it actually helps keep the shorts from coming up even more when my phones in the pocket.

Make More Like These

I am super picky about how shorts fit in the leg opening and around the hip. These shorts were comfortable without looking baggy. Please restock your sizes so I can buy more!

Waistband issues

I want to love these shorts. I typically love everything in this line. The waistband/length is just really unflattering to anyone with a curvy body type or someone who doesn’t have a defined waist. It caused some unflattering pulling in the crotch area and I ultimately returned them.

Ligeros y cómodos

Muy frescos, ligeros y cómodos, bastante elásticos. Bolsillos grandes. Aunque son demasiado anchos, más de lo esperado. Mejorarían con braguita interior.