Damen Sport-BH Armour® Eclipse High

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Damen Sport-BH Armour® Eclipse High
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Modelgröße: Größe: Passform: Enganliegend
Damen Sport-BH Armour® Eclipse High


Du brauchst einen BH, der genauso hart arbeitet wie du. Er muss aber auch gut aussehen. Dies erfüllt der Eclipse, auf schöne Weise.
  • Enganliegend: Hautenger Schnitt ohne Einengung
  • Bietet strategische Unterstützung bei intensiven Aktivitäten wie Laufen, Platz- und Feldsportarten & Aerobic
  • Weiches superatmungsaktives SpeedForm®-Netzstoff-Futter
  • Klare, Bandeau-inspirierte Vorderseite mit weichen, atmungsaktiven Cups für zusätzliche Struktur und Bedeckung
  • Einzigartiger offener Rücken mit einstellbaren Trägern
  • Der StudioLux®-Stoff bietet unnachgiebigen Halt mit einem superweichen edlen Gefühl
  • Das einzigartige Moisture Transport System transportiert den Schweiß weg und hält dich trocken & leicht
  • Nylon/Elastane
  • Imported

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Mind. Max.

Everything but the Seam

This is one of the best fitting sports bras I've ever had. It is also comfortable throughout with great support with one exception: the seam they have that allows for you to remove the padding is not comfortable at all in that one spot. I'm hoping after a couple times through the wash it will soften up but that first run, it definitely rubbed. I really like the way it fits and feels with this one exception.

I Like it.

I purchased a 36DD. I wish I could say I loved it, but, it doesnt deliver what I need it to. I do high intensity workouts; running, taebo, kickboxing etc.. I constantly have to adjust the straps throughout my workout. While running that isn't fun to do. I do love that it isn't a front closure bra which many companies are doing now. I do wish the straps were made better where it doesnt move when you do.


This is seriously the most perfect sports bra ever. It's supportive and super easy to get on/off (even after a workout), extremely comfortable, and runs true to size. I'm 5'4", ~128 lbs, and wear a 36B bra, which is exactly the size that I bought for this sports bra. I can wear it all day, go for a 5 mile run, and then go lifting for an hour+ without even noticing it or having any issues with the straps (I use them in the cross way). As soon as I tried one out, I immediately bought 3 more, and I might go ahead and buy more soon.

Great bra

Great fitting bra. I use it for HIIT workouts and running. Very comfortable and does the job. Can change the straps so it’s a crossover back too. Someone else mentioned that the straps can move slightly which i’ve noticed too, but it doesn’t effect performance and they are easily adjusted again. I’ll be getting more of these bras as they are the most comfortable sports bras I’ve had.

Best Sports Bra for Well Endowed

This is my current favorite sports bra. As a 40+ year old active woman DD, I have tried many bras over the years. There are compression ones that will give you little to no bounce. I find those horribly uncomfortable and they don't give me the full range of motion for sports like tennis. This is comfortable, and you will not notice any bounce. Holds up to running as well. I wish they would come out with more colors, and bring the white/light gray back. I need it for under tennis whites.

Amazing Sports Bra

I was a huge Moving Comfort fan, especially for runner. However, ever since Brooks took over the quality has gone down. This UA is amazing. It keeps everything tight without feeling overly restrictive. I just ran a half marathon weating this and there was minimal bounce and maximum comfort!

Good sports bra

I'm a personal trainer and use this bra for wearing in the gym under my uniform when working with clients rather than training in. What I love about it, super comfortable (I coined the phrase #branivarna when I first put it on), and feels secure when I'm moving around. The adjuster straps are easy to use while still wearing the bra, they can slip a little during the day but are easy to adjust. This ease does mean the adjusters sit (on me) the top of my shoulder so when lifting overhead they can be a little uncomfortable. I haven't used it during high impact but being a D cup I usually wear two bras anyway for running etc - a sports bra then a compression bra on top. I love it for what I use it for. :-)

Surprising Satisfied

I am a long time marathon runner who had a breast augmentation in January. During recovery, I honestly thought I would not be able to run comfortably again - especially since I went from a AA to a D. I did extensive research for a bra since finding one that would hold the new girls where they were supposed to be without bouncing. I purchased this bra but honestly expected some bounce and/or give to it that would result in more frustration. I was shocked that it held everything where it was supposed to and there was NO BOUNCE! The bra itself is comfy and is true to size with the adjustable straps being a bonus! The light padding shields the nipples nicely without making it heavy or hot. It is well worth the money spent and I will definitely buy more and recommend to anyone! :)

Super Sport BH fällt aber kleiner sus

Ich habe bei Cup Größe und Konfektionsgröße jetzt nochmal eine Nummer kleiner genommen. Jetzt passt er und macht eine schöne Form. Super geeignet für jede Art von Workouts auch bei größerer Oberweite. Keine Verformung nach bisher2x waschen.

Perfect sports bra!

I have had so many sports bras over the years and this is the best one hands down. I can even wear it during my step class (lots of jumping!) and my boobs stay in place. The bra is also true to size and is adjustable too.