Damen Sport-BH UA Vanish Mid, meliert

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Damen Sport-BH UA Vanish Mid, meliert
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Modelgröße: Größe: Passform: Enganliegend
Damen Sport-BH UA Vanish Mid, meliert


  • Enganliegend: Hautenger Schnitt ohne Einengung
  • Er bietet strategische Unterstützung für Aktivitäten mit mittlerer Belastung, wie Radfahren, Krafttraining und Boxen
  • Fixierte Performance-Schaumstoff-Pads sorgen für zusätzliche Unterstützung und sind dennoch atmungsaktiv
  • Besonderer Rückenausschnitt mit verstellbaren Überkreuzträgern
  • Femininer V-Ausschnitt
  • Der superseidige Performance-Stoff mit Durchhaltevermögen ist dehnbar und dennoch unterstützend und trocknet wahnsinnig schnell
  • Dank der UA Microthread-Technologie trocknet das Gewebe schneller, klebt nicht am Körper, scheuert nicht und dehnt sich, ohne Schweiß aufzunehmen
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Mind. Max.

Lots of support

This is a nice bra with lots of support, but it’s a little too padded for me. I’m going to stay with the mid cross back, which I’ve come to love. The first time I wore this bra to work under my work t-shirt, I felt very self conscious about how large my chest appeared. It’s great if you need more support and/or padding.

Difficult to remove

This looked good; well made, nicely shaped gentle colour and as though it would do the job. I'm a 30d usually and did measurements as per the website (which doesn't tell you how to convert inches to cup size). I'm over 50years old and recently returning to exercise. Getting the bra on over my head was ok, but the elastic is extremely firm with little give and so it was a bit of a struggle breathe deeply. The cups were also too small. I was then unable to remove it, I just didn't have the shoulder strength at the correct angles. After some hilarity, I had to have help to pull it off. It was returned.

Prima sport bh

Perfecte ondersteuning en niet te strak zodat alles plat gedrukt wordt zoals bij de meeste sport bh's, heel erg blij mee, de stof is wel dik en ik heb het snel warm dus hij is niet echt geschikt voor zomerse sportdagen.

reggiseno sportivo al TOP

misura corrispondente alla taglia, porto una terza, ho acquistato MD colore come in foto e coppa preformata molto confortevole, lo acquisterò sicuramente in un altro colore

Good buy

Returned the original one as to small (but very easy to do and no fuss). Have gone a size larger than my other sports bras brands. Definitely medium not high support but this is what it is advertised as. Very comfy, no ‘uni boob’ and padded enough so nipples don’t show through. Can be a little tricky to get off when your very sweaty as no bra clasp and all one piece. Washes well and dries quickly. Would buy again.

Fits all right, but the scratchy abrasive straps are a deal-breaker

Same as the UA Vanish Mid bra (why do they post 2 different bras with the same fit but different colors as different items?) -- the straps are terrible and the main reason I'm returning this bra. In my search to find a bra to replace the Women's Armour® Eclipse Low Impact Sports Bra (had to search my order history to find that one - they all sound somewhat similar, but they aren't producing this one anymore) with built-in and sewn-in cups and comfortable straps, this one was quite a dud. Sigh, gone are the days of my favorite bra that's comfortable enough to wear all day long before I hit the gym. The straps on the back of this bra are cheap and scratchy, digging into my back and even causing some abrasion as I pull the bra on and off. This is the part of the bra that probably has to give the most as you stretch it over your head, and it feels like the straps will wear away very quickly (or wear away your skin, don't know which comes first). I don't understand why they have to use a different material for the back straps (besides maybe being able to print the glaring UNDERARMOUR words right on your back). Other sports bras (including the Eclipse Low Impact that I still own a few of, and other brands) don't use this stiff scratchy material for the straps. Definitely a deal-breaker.

Wonderfully comfortable bra

Great bra for medium workouts. Couldn’t run in it but it’s so comfortable. My babies feel happy and secure! Not like other bras when you wash them the inner padding comes out. This is lightly padded and remains intake during washing! Adjustable and pretty to be wen alone.

Komfort pur

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit diesem Sport BH, sehr bequem. Haben ihn gleich in zwei Farben bestellt


Finalmente un reggiseno che rispetta la forma del seno senza schiacciarlo troppo e allo stesso tempo ha una buona tenuta. Dopo averne provati tanti questa è la prima volta che mi sento comoda e soddisfatta. Adatto a qualsiasi attività sportiva.

Beautiful bra

If you have small breast like me, but want support when exercising, this is it. I looks great, you can run wearing just this bra outside, it gives great support and it looks expensive, yet functional, clean, sporty. It runs true to its size -- I am between XS and S, but S was the right size for me. One of my best bras. Recommend!