Damen UA HOVR™ Machina Laufschuhe

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Dieser Schuh mit Pebax®-Sohlenplatte verleiht deinem Lauf Explosivität und gibt dir dank des weichen Under Armour HOVR™ Energie zurück. Doch nicht nur das: Zusätzlich ist der Schuh dein persönlicher Coach. Verbinde deine Schuhe mit Under Armour MapMyRun™, um Schrittlänge, Kadenz und Tempo zu erfassen und Echtzeit-Feedback zu erhalten. So kannst du ganz einfach deine Leistung verbessern.
  • NEUTRAL: Für Läufer, die nach dem idealen Verhältnis zwischen Flexibilität und Dämpfung suchen
  • Die Under Armour HOVR™-Technologie federt Erschütterungen ab und sorgt für eine gleichbleibend hohe Energierückgabe und ein „schwereloses“ Tragegefühl
  • Das Energy Web aus Kompressions-Netzstoff enthält formbaren Under Armour HOVR™-Schaumstoff, der dir die investierte Energie zurückgibt
  • Das innovative Obermaterial aus atmungsaktivem Netzstoff ist unglaublich leicht und macht dich noch schneller
  • Äußere Fersenkappe für mehr Stabilität und einen sicheren Halt
  • Die von Sprint-Spikes inspirierte Pebax®-Sohlenplatte verbessert die Energierückgabe und sorgt für kraftvollere Antritte und mehr Tempo
  • Die robuste Gummiaußensohle in den Aufprallbereichen sorgt für mehr Strapazierfähigkeit bei weniger Gewicht
  • Nocken aus Carbon-Gummi unter der Ferse verbessern Traktion und Strapazierfähigkeit in den Aufprallbereichen
  • Reflektierende Details
  • Sprengung: 8 mm
  • Gewicht: 247 g
  • Importiert
  • HINWEIS: Enthält Teile, die nicht im Hausmüll entsorgt werden dürfen

    Verbinde deine Schuhe mit UA MapMyRun™ für
    Datentracking und Form-Coaching während des Laufens –so
    kannst du dein Verletzungsrisiko und deine Anstrengung beim Laufen senken.


    Der weiche und reaktionsschnelle UA HOVR™ Schaum und das
    Energy Web geben dir die Energie zurück, die du in jede Bewegung steckst.


    Mit dem leichten Design und der zweizackigen Pebax® Antriebsplatte
    kannst du blitzschnell wenden und mit mehr Energie Abspringen.

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Mind. Max.


Mind. Max.

Best running shoes ever!

Took the plunge and ordered these shoes and I’m so glad I did. After reading the other reviews I bought half a size up to be on the safe side. If you have wider feet then you would need to size up. That being said, they fit well. Your foot feels very secure in the shoe and they’re unbelievably comfortable. The Bluetooth connection to the app is an added bonus and the app offers useful coaching tips to help improve your technique and make you a better runner. I will definitely be recommending these shoes to others, hands down the best purchase I’ve ever made!

Nice, but not for over-pronators

Shoe had nice footbed, comfortable, but not for this over-pronator, not enough arch

best shoe ever

most comfortable shoes I own. I am hooked. On my feet all day working in physical therapy. Love love this shoe. Fors perfect. Walking on air. Amazing workout shoe as well

The most painful shoe I've ever worn.

First off, I don't actually think these shoes are USUALLY deserving of the 1* rating I'm giving, but in my case, they are. I'll be as descriptive as possible so potential buyers can be aware of what to look out for, I think it's possible I got a bad pair of a good shoe. *cries* At first they seemed great, felt comfortable and had great features but I quickly came to learn that they were only a nuisance. I very quickly started getting blisters on the inner arches of my feet caused by the insoles actually rubbing through my socks, the blisters would tend to be around 1-2 inches long (more than a month later they're still not healed haha) The cadence feature in the shoe/app is wrong, the shoe/app is telling me to run at comically high cadences giving me the appearnlance of the Tazmanian devil spinning his feet. They seem to aim for the mystical golden 180 spm figure for everyone... 180 spm is only an average among professional runners, all of whom are lightweight bread for purpose runners... I am a heavier, bigger built person who gets far better results and less pain/wear from running at a lower cadence of 160-170. That fact that this isn't customisable is surprising. The pain... My god the pain! I can't be sure what it's from but every time I run in these shoes I get excruciating shooting pains in the outsides of my feet, I believe it's where the propulsion plate ends and causes excessive and unnecessary pressure on part of my foot that should not be bending (these shoes were fitted and selected by an UA employee in an UA store in Riyadh) and if I don't stop my run early enough I'll have a limp for a couple of days and won't be able to run. My nice expensive Machinas have now need relegated to the back of the shoe rack and I've gone back to my VERY old back up shoes.


VERY DISAPPOINTED, I ordered my size and all, I used them because I thought it was about giving it a few hours or maybe a couple of days to get use to them and that they get loose on my feet, you know, new shoes thing. But NO, never happened, it is sad that such a good shoe has this unwearable issues. Because your feet get so trapped that they get in pain at some point. Now, personally for myself, an interexchange student that makes $200 a week in the USA (yes, there's people like me making that amount of money) is really sad to have spent a week salary on something I won't be able to use, so for me and my pocket is a TREMENDOUS LOSS. The worst part is that I see that UA really don't care about all these comments and mine about the observations and basically real complaints. They just say they will improve it and bla bla... which means nothing because clients loose, the company does not. Anyway, I decided to write this review after months because so that I can be heard somehow, I'll make a YouTube video about it, if you read this THINK TWICE before buying these, the bluetooth technology and coaching caught my attention and the neon fucsia color no other brand has, I decided to make an effort and buy them, now I really regret.

“Great comfort”

I love how great these running shoes are, they give you great support when running on uneven surfaces, they are also great comfort which has meant no blisters or wasting time with plasters for me!!!. I do think they are a little bit pricey however, if you want a running shoe with comfort it’s worth spending that bit more in the long term!!!


I enjoyed testing out the shoes. I do think that they run a little small and are slightly heavy for long distance runners but are great for a 3-5 mile run. I do also enjoy the personal coach and thought that the times are helpful. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Luxury Comfort

as soon as i tried these on, I knew I had to have them! One step and it is like you are walking on a cloud! I've had them for a couple weeks now. And so in love!

Great running shoe

Really enjoy my runs in these. The real time coaching is helping me get consistency in my pace.

Great running shoe

Really enjoy my runs in these. The real time coaching is helping me get consistency in my pace.