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„Project Rock ist mehr als bloß eine Marke, es ist eine Bewegung. Es geht um die Grundeinstellung, mich zu 100 % nicht dafür zu interessieren, welche Hautfarbe du hast, wie alt du bist, wo du herkommst oder was du beruflich machst. Ich interessiere mich nur dafür, dass wir beide alles überwinden und schaffen können – ganz egal, wie groß die Herausforderung auch ist. Alles fängt jedoch damit an, wie viel Arbeit wir selbst investieren wollen.“ – Dwayne Johnson
  • Die Under Armour HOVR™-Technologie federt bei jedem Schritt die Erschütterungen ab und sorgt für eine gleichbleibend hohe Energierückgabe und ein Gefühl von Schwerelosigkeit
  • Das Energy Web aus Kompressions-Netzstoff enthält formbaren Under Armour HOVR™-Schaumstoff, der dir die investierte Energie zurückgibt
  • Under Armour TriBase in der Außensohle maximiert die Bodenhaftung dort, wo dein Fuß sie am dringendsten benötigt, und gestattet eine hohe Aufwärtsflexibilität für einen natürlichen Bewegungsablauf sowie Abwärtsflexibilität für mehr Haftung
  • Das leichte, weiche Strickobermaterial trocknet schnell und bietet eine atmungsaktive, kompressionsartige Passform für Festigkeit und einmaligen Komfort
  • 3D-geformter Mittelfußbereich mit Laserperforation für bessere Belüftung
  • Anatomische, innenschuhähnliche Konstruktion für eine enganliegende, bequeme Passform
  • Fersenaußenkappe mit Stabilitätsgehäuse für ultimative Unterstützung
  • Vollgummi-Außensohle für mehr Haftung und Strapazierfähigkeit
  • Sprengung: 8 mm
  • Gewicht: 248 g
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Mind. Max.


Mind. Max.

Absolutely Amazing!!

Purchased the women's UA Project Rock 2 shoes and I couldn't be more pleased!! I've had them 3 months now and they are still going strong! I wear them for my workouts, runs, and even for yard work. They have not fallen apart! They are very comfortable and have tons of support! They do run a little small so i would recommend buy a size up. I Can't wait to buy another set cuz i want them in different colors/ styles.

Awesome but...

They’re really comfy but far too small the first time, got half a size up and after a couple of wears later feel I should’ve went a full size up. They feel supportive though.

  • Usually a 5 need 6

Awesome but...

They’re really comfy but far too small the first time, got half a size up and after a couple of wears later feel I should’ve went a full size up. They feel supportive though.

  • Usually a 5 need 6

You MUST wear longer socks

I made the mistake of wearing no show socks with these the first time and it was for a running & lifting class. By the end of the hour the backs of my ankles were absolutely shredded and they took a few days to heal. I'm a little sad because they look better with no show socks. I now wear ankle socks with them that go well past the top of the shoe and they're very comfortable. They are true to size, I have wide toes and narrow heels and there is ample room in the toes.

Worst Material for shoes

The shoe material tore easily and coming apart at the of shoes. Worst pair of shoes I have purchased. I got these shoes December 2019

Girlfriend LOVES them!!!

My girlfriend mentioned that she liked these and I decided to get her them as a surprise. She absolutely loves these shoes! Whether she's working out or carb loading lol. Her favorite parts are the Fabric on the top for comfort and style, the "Blood. Sweat. Respect." And she loves that this shoe goes with whatever she wears.

These shoes look AMAZING!

While these are quite stylish, they were not as amazing as I expected. My foot slips around in the shoe which makes them impossible to wear on leg day in the gym or for a HIIT class. They are just not comfortable for jumping, lunging, etc. They have the look, hoping for some practical upgrades on the next version!

Légère et confortable super pour le crossfit

Confortable, légère , élégante idéale pour le sport en salle comme le crossfit. J’aime beaucoup l’idée qu’il n’y a pas besoin de faire les lacets car la forme haute et la matière maintient très bien le pied Attention prendre une taille au dessus de notre pointure habituelle. Elle est faite aussi pour les pieds fin.


These shoes are the best workout shoes I have bought by far. From day one of wearing them they felt super comfortable, no worry of the “breaking it in” pain that I normally get with all my other shoes. I did follow the recommendations from other reviews and I wear a size 8 so I bought a 8.5. Yes they do run like a half size small. I didn’t have trouble putting the shoes on as others reported in their reviews. Best shoes and I will be buying more to have a pair for work and for my “off” days.


The product was very comfortable and exactly what I was looking for....