Damen UA RUSH™ High Sport-BH

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Modelgröße: Größe: Passform: Enganliegend
Damen UA RUSH™ High Sport-BH

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Verhindert Energieverschwendung und macht dich stärker. Der mineralhaltige Stoff nimmt die Energie, die dein Körper beim Training abstrahlt, auf und gibt sie an deine Muskeln zurück. Dadurch wird die Durchblutung verbessert und deine Muskeln können mehr Leistung bringen.
  • Enganliegend: Hautenger Schnitt ohne Einengung
  • Bietet strategische Unterstützung bei intensiven Aktivitäten wie Laufen, Platz- und Feldsportarten und Aerobic
  • Die von deinem Körper abgestrahlte Energie wird vom Stoff aufgenommen und wieder abgegeben, sodass du mehr Ausdauer hast
  • Fixierte Performance-Schaumstoffpads sorgen für zusätzliche Unterstützung und sind dennoch atmungsaktiv
  • Netzstoff-Einsätze für eine bessere Belüftung
  • Das weiche Unterbrustband leitet Schweiß weg und sorgt dank Hakenverschluss für einfaches An- und Ausziehen
  • Einzigartiger offener Rücken mit einstellbaren Überkreuzriemen
  • Der Performance-Stoff bietet ein seidiges Tragegefühl, ist strapazierfähig und elastisch und gibt Halt
  • 82 % Polyester/18 % Elastan

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Mind. Max.


Mind. Max.

Kind of awkward!

I wasn’t overly thrilled when I got this and tried it on, but decided to give it a good go. I’ve now worn it for a few weeks for exercising, working out, and walking, and although it’s decent, it’s definitely not the “oooh this is amazing” experience I hoped for. Especially for the price paid. No matter how I adjust the straps and the clasps, it still settles slightly uncomfortably - or if it’s not uncomfortable, I still know it’s there. I was hoping for a second skin. I’m still not sure if I’ll try to send it back (or if they would let me) but right now I wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe it’s because there’s too many bumps and clasps - needs to be a smoother experience all round.

Encantada con este producto

Se ajusta perfectamente al cuerpo y la sujeción es perfecta. Pedí uno para probar y he vuelto a pedir otros dos, no he mirado más. Me encanta este sujetador

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Great support

I have been looking for a sports bra for ages and I finally found this one! Great support and really comfortable !

Excellent sports bra

I am really happy with this sports bra. I wear a size 34D in bra and I have a difficult time finding a supportive sports bra for high impact activity. This one is comfortable, easy to get into, and effective. It's not without some issues: I still do have a little more 'jiggle' than I'd like, but I suppose it isn't a corset, and comparing with competitor bras it performs very well. Also, I had to downsize to a 34C as well. However, it's worth noting that I liked this enough to get one in each colour, and if they had more colours I'd probably get another one too.

Very comfy, but the straps move

I love this top, and it's nearly 100% perfect. It has a nice deep front, so I'd feel comfortable wearing in the gym without a tshirt. The straps are lovely and wide, and it sits smoothly under clothes. It gives great support against bounce.. untill... I lift my arms up. The straps cross over at the back, and aren't fixed there, so as I lift my arms, the straps over my shoulders slide up, naturally pulling closer to my neck, and loosening the support. I'd prefer it if the straps were fixed at the back in more of a racerback style to help stop this, as I find myself having to reposition them in the middle of my shoulders to get the best support on my chest. Aside from this, love it.

Very happy with this product

Very pleased with this product, extremely supportive and comfortable, it is a little awkward to put on. Would definitely recommend and will purchase in another colour! Size -36D

Label update....

Quick update.... Having just left a review mentioning the uncomfortable label, I have sine discovered that you can rip this out! Now very happy that chafing won’t be an issue!

Fabulously comfortable, great support

This is a replacement for the Eclipse High bra that I’ve loved and worn for many years. My first impression was that this is a very nice looking bra with an amazingly soft band, plus this lovely fabric extended into the straps. I used the UA measuring guide and ordered a 32C (my normal bra size is 32D) and despite it looking small it was a good fit, if not a little on the generous side as I already fasten it on almost the tightest. To get the best fit I also have the straps adjusted nearly to their minimum. It’s very comfortable and is a flattering shape. I’ve just given it a short test-drive run over 3km and the positives are that it works brilliantly and there was minimal bounce without feeling constricted. It’s fabulously comfy and I I didn’t notice I was wearing it whilst running. The band is snug and secure, yet allows you to breathe, which is always a bonus! For me there are two small minuses: firstly the straps loosened as I was running, although because the adjuster is at the front its less of an issue than with the Eclipse as it’s possible to alter on the hoof; secondly I could feel the label, which is quite thick. It’s on the side, and I think it might chafe on a long run. Perhaps UA could do away with the label entirely or put it at the back. I’m very happy with this bra and it is a lot better than the Eclipse High, in my opinion, so anyone considering it should buy with confidence.

I will purchase again!

Super comfortable! I felt like I could do anything while wearing this bra. Very well supported! I will be purchasing another one.

Very happy

I wasn't sure when I bought this bra how it was going to feel/ fit but when I got it and put it to the test I was very pleased!! The only complaint I have is the tag is a bit uncomfortable on the side. UA should really think about putting the tag in the back or just make it completely tagless.