Damen UA Trek Polar Fleece-Hose

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Modelgröße: Größe: Passform: Lose Passform
Damen UA Trek Polar Fleece-Hose
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Modelgröße: Größe: Passform: Lose Passform
Damen UA Trek Polar Fleece-Hose


  • Lose Passform: Weiter Schnitt für absoluten Komfort
  • Der strapazierfähige Polartec® Fleecestoff wärmt ohne zusätzliches Gewicht, trocknet schnell und ist besonders atmungsaktiv
  • Verdeckter Elastikbund mit integrierter Handtuchschlaufe hinten
  • Mit Zip gesicherte Seitentaschen
  • Spitz zulaufender Schnitt und verlängerte Bündchen zum einfachen Tragen von Socken oder Stiefeln
  • Aufgestickte Logos
  • Innenbeinlänge: 70 cm
  • Importiert

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Mind. Max.


I am 5'4 and 110lbs xs were great. Please make more of these in different colours. Love the fit style and material. These pants are my new all time fav. Always loved the quality from under armour.

Really nice BUT...

I never had fleece trousers before but i now go to the gym really early in the morning and it winter is super cold here, so I bought these trousers to wear on top of the leggings or shorts on my way to the gym. Likes: The material is nice and soft, and quite warm (except when windy, wind goes through), I love the the waistband and the pockets are big (not for decoration-type of pockets that you can't really use). The branding detail in the grey version are not too bold or big. Cons: And hence why i give 3 stars; they are short. I get the trend of just about trousers where the youngsters wear them up (like the model in the pic) but really, that only works in a photographer studio or in summer! these are fleece trousers, so meant for the cold weather, which also means winter, if you buy fleece trousers is because you want to be warm not cold because you wear them up! or are too short!. Lucky for me i'm not tall enough as to be them super short, so if i wear them as lower as possible then they are just about above the ankles (still very disappointed I have to do this). I'm 5'7'' for reference. If the length were normal decent i'd give them 5 starts. Another thing i didn't like much is that the colour said 'grey' but it's dusty blue, which kind of shows in the pictures... but because the pictures are always retouched i didn't really know which colour what's going to be in real life. I'm also disappointed by this UA because i'm not a fan of blue but i was hoping for steel blue/grey. About the size: I'm happy with S, fits fine.

Love the fabric but way too short

The fabric on these pants is AMAZING. It is so soft and comfy. The second I touched it, I wanted to live in it forever. Then I put them on and was devastated to discover they were a good two to four inches too short for me. I am 5'9 and 150 lbs. I am fairly tall so I am used to pants fitting a little short, but these seemed shorter than usual. The cuff of the pant hit so high on my calf that it was uncomfortable. I ordered size medium and the rest of the pant fit perfectly.