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Die nächste Schuhinnovation ist hier... Und zwar nur für Frauen. Der UA SpeedForm® StudioLux™ wurde in einer Textilfabrik hergestellt und kombiniert Perfomance und Style wie kein zweiter.
  • Die innovative UA Speedform Technologie in Kombination mit einer schnittigen und sportlich-minimalistischen Silhouette.
  • Das leichte und flexible Obermaterial mit Lochmuster sorgt für bessere Atmungsaktivität.
  • Die UA-eigene nahtlose Fersenkappe sorgt für eine optimale anatomische Passform.
  • Glatte und nahtlosverschweißten Nähte geben dir ein "Second Skin" Gefühl.
  • Die anatomische Außensohle sorgt für natürliche Passform und Performance.
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Darum ist unsere Ausrüstung leistungsfähiger — und smarter — als alles, was es sonst so gibt.


Wir haben die Regeln für Schuhe gebrochen und den ersten Schuh geschaffen, der in einer BH-Fabrik gefertigt wurde. Die revolutionär geformte nahtlose Fersenkappe gewährleistet unvergleichlichen Komfort und Leistung dank der beispiellosen Passform.

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52 Bewertungen

Best shoe ever!!!!

This is the most comfortable shoe I have ever purchased in my whole entire life. I purchased these for a vacation to Universal Studios Florida. 5 days of walking the park from open to close & I did not have sore feet. I also wore for 2 Cancun vacations with lots of walking on uneven grounds. Never once were my feet sore. I also wear to work daily because they are so comfy. I am a little upset to find out that these are no longer available as after 2 years of constant use, they are starting to wear thin. Please tell me that you will reconsider having these become available, especially after all these great reviews. I have been searching online for these everywhere. Please bring them back!!!!

Bring back the shoe

I love everything about these shoes especially how flat they are bring them back!!!!

The. Best.

I LOVE these shoes. So lightweight and minimal. I do all my workouts in them, even trail runs!! They don't have a lot of traction but holy cow are they comfy. They move so well with my feet, it feels like I'm wearin' nothing at all! Hands down my favorite ever shoe, and I am SO picky about my shoes. Will buy again and again if you ever bring them back!!


OMG! This was my first UA order and I'm totally impressed by the quality and comfort SpeedForm® StudioLux. It's usually difficult to find the "right" shoes for my feet. I'm glad UA offers 1/2 sizes because 10 is exact without "wiggle" room and 11 is too big so...thank you! I also have flat feet and these shoes are shockingly yet pleasantly comfortable:-)

"Seamingly" disappointed :(

Let me start by saying Under Armour quality is outstanding from my experience. My feedback is likely due to a one off situation. Though a beautiful shoe I purchased a few months ago and wore to the 1st time today, I was so excited about how lightweight, comfortable and esthetically different they are (beautiful bright color on trend), I walked just feet out the door and noticed that by the front of the shoe the sole has separated from the pink fabric. Now my size is all sold out. I didn't notice this when I received the package because I already have this style shoe so did not need to try on. Moral of the story: Always do a full inspection! Great shoe nonetheless & I would recommend UA any day.

A must buy

Love these shoes. Saw someone with them on and she said that she loved them. Wasn't sure because not much support (they are flat). But to my surprise, they are very comfortable.

Great low sole shoe for everyday comfort and weightlifting

I would've given this shoe a five star rating. But one thing missed my expectation. Don't get me wrong these shoes are super comfortable i feel like im wearing socks or slippers rather. however theyre not that great for working out.. they don't have much grip, it's a pain trying to do walking lunges or stationary lunges, my feet keep sliding, and when you add weight it's a disaster waiting to happen. If only they had this shoe with a better grip support I would buy every single pair ! lol

Dance Exercise

I do a lot of dance exercise to Pop and Hip Hop music. The movements are very fast and require pivoting of the feet. The studio in my gym has an issue with humidity that gets worse with the size of the class. The floor can get very tacky. I was very skeptical about how well this shoe would perform since I have been using a competitor's studio model. I was impressed, and as soon as I can afford it, I would like to order more, so please keep these in stock. I am older, so I have a great fear of my foot sticking while my knee is going in another direction. One night, I came into the gym when there were buckets catching the rain, and I was able to really "dance" the moves to the fullest. I also will be able to use them for kettlebells which require a flat shoe. I carry my shoes in a nylon bag and air them out as soon as I get home to preserve them. In honesty, I use an athletic orthotic and thick sock, but that is mostly because my foot is so narrow that the shoes would be wide on me if I didn't. I have come to terms that this is my problem having narrow feet and being a minority. These shoes would also be good for things like belly dancing and Zumba. Some of us don't want a lot of grip that cross trainers typically offer. I am singing the praises of this shoe to all my classmates.

Cheap material and construction

I really liked the look of these but after a few wearings the bottoms became significantly worn. I am pretty easy on shoes and I have never experienced this before. They are really flimsy. There is a difference between lightweight material and thin cheap. These are the later. Also the tongue is made with a really scratchy mesh that rubs your skin....not fun. This is the first pair of sneakers that I am aware of constantly while wearing because I can feel the scratchy material. I kept thinking maybe with wear they will get better but it's time to throw in the towel.... These are going in the trash.

Love the look, but not the fit

I sized up because I read the shoes fit small, but they were way too big when I tried them on. I ordered a smaller size after that, and while they fit in length, they were much narrower. I decided to keep the bigger size because they were more comfortable, even if they were too long. The shoe itself looks great and is so lightweight, I just wish it fit better!