Herren ColdGear® Infrared Showdown Hose mit schmal zulaufendem Bein

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Herren ColdGear® Infrared Showdown Hose mit schmal zulaufendem Bein

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Wenn du auch bei kälterem Wetter auf dem Golfplatz bist, ist diese Hose ein absolutes Muss. ColdGear® Infrared-Technologie speichert die Körperwärme, während die optimierte Passform ablenkungsfreie Abschläge gewährleistet.
  • UA Storm-Technologie ist wasserabweisend, ohne dabei die Atmungsaktivität einzuschränken
  • ColdGear® Infrared-Futter mit wärmeleitender Innenbeschichtung nimmt die Körperwärme auf und speichert sie
  • Das Material leitet Schweiß weg und trocknet sehr schnell
  • 4-Way-Stretchstoff sorgt für mehr Bewegungsfreiheit in alle Richtungen
  • Speziell entwickelter Elastikbund für verbesserte Bewegungsfreiheit und äußerst bequemen Tragekomfort
  • Design mit flacher Vorderseite und 4 Taschen
  • Schmal zulaufende Passform
  • Importiert

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Mind. Max.

Only used for jan walks so far - but working great

Great trousers. Only used on long country side walks of a few hours so far due to courses not open - but they've done great in those conditions. Cant wait to try them on the course


epouse bien la forme; confort optimal, sonserve bien la chaleur du corps,la pluie glisse


Great fit, very comfortable and toasty warm. Another superb UnderArmour product

Looks nice and warm

I bought these to play when it is about 40-60 degrees. They are made for colder weather. They did great and they look nice.

Insulated pants

The pants are perfect for cold fall golf days! Extremely comfortable, great fit, light and warm! Love ‘e-mail!

Couleur non conforme

Confortable mais la couleur est beaucoup plus clair en vrai dommage


Great fit and comfortable fabric. Bought as gift for husband

Warm + Wind and Water Repellent Pants

Not fleece warm, but warm meaning your body heat doesn't escape so easily. It's even better if you wear coldgear tights underneath them to combat 6 a.m. early morning temperatures on the golf course or wherever -- you will achieve perfect warmth. I bought these pants because the outer texture feels like Gortex. Very minimum ironing required or 'NO' ironing required if you take them out of dryer and lay them out flat immediately. Believe it or not, these pants look fine enough so that you can where them into the office after golf with a sports coat, shiny shoes and a nice shirt. I played golf through the Winter in the morning before heading off to work which frequently brought me into contact with the mud and sand -- which I easily wiped off in the bathroom after a round. Because the texture of the pants, you could not tell if I had come in contact with mud or sand. I got the black pants, but I am now thinking about getting the navy blue or gray next.


As a golfer that plays all year in the Cincinnati, I used to wear various sweat pants for winter golf. The issue with sweat pants is the fit. They are either too tight somewhere (usually the calf for me) and when you squat to line up a putt it will pull the waist down. Or, they are too baggy and the wind whips around inside them making them colder. Enter the UA Showdown Infrared pants. I have other Infrared stuff so I gave them a shot. The fit is awesome all around and they are the perfect stretch everywhere. The legs fit close to my legs and just stay there. When I I swat to read a putt they do not shift at all. The waist has a bunch of silicone stuff in there to grip your shirt so it does not ride up and they are in NO way uncomfortable. They feel like awesome sweatpants and look like nice dress pants. The dirt that gets on them is easy to remove with a wet cloth. I am so happy I made this switch. I then found out they make a summer weight version and I bought a few of those - they are the same - and super lightweight. These pants are worth it if you want to look great and be super comfortable on the course when the temps drop. A homerun product for UA!

Heavy and warm.

Comfortable for golf and cool days. My son loves them and uses for dress.