Herren Fußballschuhe UA ClutchFit™ Force 2.0 FG

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Modelgröße: Größe:
Herren Fußballschuhe UA ClutchFit™ Force 2.0 FG

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  • Das Obermaterial aus Trivela-Performance-Mikrofaser dehnt sich in zwei Richtungen und bietet in Kombination mit dem symmetrischen Schnürsenkelsystem eine beispiellos bequeme Passform und ein angenehmes Gefühl am ganzen Fuß
  • Gummierte mit 3D-gedruckter Außenschicht, für verbesserten Bodenkontakt (Auftreten und Dribbeln) unter allen Bedingungen
  • Die äußere Fersenkappe sorgt für optimalen Sitz und Tragekomfort im Fersenbereich
  • Das Charged Cushioning-Fußbett absorbiert den Aufprall und setzt ihn in reaktionsstarke Geschwindigkeit um
  • Unsere neueste Schuhplatteninnovation passt sich der natürlichen Fußbewegung an und verbessert so die Bodenhaftung, ohne an Stabilität einzubüßen
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Darum ist unsere Ausrüstung leistungsfähiger — und smarter — als alles, was es sonst so gibt.


Sobald du Charged Cushioning unter deinen Füßen spürst, willst du rennen. Die ultimative Weiterentwicklung der Energie absorbiert den Aufprall deiner Schritte und setzt ihn um in komfortable Reaktionsschnelligkeit, wie du sie noch nie gespürt hast.

Das strategische Muster im Sanduhrmotiv dehnt sich und zieht sich zusammen, um die Konturen deines Körpers sowohl in Ruhe wie in Bewegung zu formen. Das bedeutet, es passt nicht nur dir… Es passt deiner Bewegung.
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This is my third pair on Underarmour cleats. I had two pairs of clutchfit force one's awesome shoe love them. The Clutchfit force 2 is not the same shoe at all. First of this shoe runs a solid half size big. This is no joke if you are 9 order a 9.5. I just like to wear my boot super tight an have my toe right at end I even order a half size smaller but this is just way bigger in the toe box than the 1 version. Also the heel counter is now internal an also they change cut off back of boot which bites into your Achilles, this does break in witch is good but hurts a little. 1 ready out of box. Sole plate is awesome on this shoe solid support, an look dope. The bow tie pattern on shoe is bigger an nice improvement. Am able to generate a lot of spin on shot an passes with pattern. Also improvement on touch. One this they fitted was tongue. Is now padded an also has split. Old version tongue would move all the time is rock solid now. This shoe is a solid shoe but is not the 1 so just be warned order size smaller an be prepared for some break in time on heel portion of shoe.


1) Great traction 2) Plush interior 3) Looks awesome These cleats are severely underrated. Team UA soccer! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great Performance

Super lightweight, flexible and comfortable. Absolutely zero break-in time. Not one thing I would change or am disappointed with. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Unexpected performance

I bought these for rugby, not expecting too much from them. But after breaking in the heel (it sort of cut me up a bit) they quickly became my favorite boot. The Aggressive studs made for surprisingly good traction as well. They comfort of the shoe was also crazy, i spent an entire sevens tourney in them and didnt feel any discomfort whatsoever. Overall great boot for rugby, forward or back.

Good Intention.. Bad Result

They look cool! But that’s about it. I have used other UA cleats in the past with no complaints and expected these cleats to be considerably more form fitting because of the price. However they run big by about half a size and that’s not what you want when playing soccer. The "Memory Foam" sounds great on paper but is not ideal because as soon as you start to sweat, your foot will begin to shift in the shoe unless it is uncomfortably tight. Not to mention they don’t give you enough to counteract the very hard bottom making them pretty uncomfortable. As far as the profile, I get what they were trying to do by keeping you as low to the ground as possible as well as creating a rigid bottom to reduce the recoil leading to more power (fully understood). However the shape of the heel cup and the shoe itself drastically reduces flexibility and range of motion which killed my touch on the ball. I wear 13's to begin with which make playing indoor with a size 4 ball nearly impossible as it is, so the lack of motion was really noticed.