Herren Fußballschuhe UA Magnetico Pro FG

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Herren Fußballschuhe UA Magnetico Pro FG
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Modelgröße: Größe:
Herren Fußballschuhe UA Magnetico Pro FG


Früher dauerte es einige Zeit, bis deine Stollenschuhe richtig passten und bequem waren. Jetzt nicht mehr. Die Under Armor Magnetico Pro FG müssen nicht eingelaufen werden und passen schon beim ersten Tragen perfekt.
  • Das Obermaterial mit UA FormTrue-Technologie, das den Schuh vollständig bedeckt, bleibt bei Druckeinwirkung flexibel, was für Stabilität bei hohem Tempo sorgt
  • Eine Innenschicht aus flexiblem auxetischem Material legt sich eng um den Fuß und bietet dadurch eine präzise, individuelle Passform
  • Die passgenaue Zehenkappe ist unglaublich weich und sorgt für einen unvergleichlichen Tragekomfort
  • Das ultra-reaktionsstarke Charged Cushioning®-Fußbett absorbiert den Aufprall und setzt ihn in reaktive Geschwindigkeit um
  • Die innovative Sohlenplatte ist ein leichtes Chassis, das die natürliche Fähigkeit des Fußes, zu beschleunigen, in jede Richtung zu sprinten und – falls notwendig – zu beugen, steigert
  • Die Kombination aus länglichen und runden, konischen Stollen sorgt für optimale Traktion
  • Die konischen Stollen ermöglichen Schnelligkeit in alle Richtungen, für mehr Wendigkeit und bessere Richtungswechsel
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Product Development

Unfortunately, as much as I would like to support UA with my soccer boots as I do their workout apparel - it is painfully obvious that UA has lacked any innovation or development efforts in this space that would allow them to be included in the category of elite soccer footwear. Time to invest and accelerate in this space... so far there have been lack luster efforts that are not deserving of any of the market share that this opportunity would provide for UA. Hoping you guys can step up... for your revenue potential and the needs of soccer/football players world-wide.

Amazing boots

Amazing boot. Bought them online since they were on sale and I had heard great things about them. I was surprised. Felt amazing, better than leather on wet pitches and amazing experience. It is paper thin and super light.

Bad boot

Boots busted after wearing them twice. Wouldn’t recommend

No stability, durability

Don’t bother trying this cleat, the upper has no reinforcement and you will be sliding while making sharp cuts. The upper is also prone to ripping through after a couple uses. Under Armour needs to step it up with soccer cleats. Not worth the premium price especially compared to what other brands offer for the same price

Worst boots I've ever had !

I saw these boots on Instagram and loved them at first sight but would strongly advise not buying them! Very poor quality ! Wore them once and the majority of the metalic underneath came off. The material at the front (on top of the toes) is practically paper thin! No protection at all. Purchased through a 3rd party "Pro Soccer Direct" and complained, they advised to go direct to UA however Customer Services' don't want to know ! For the price you will definatley be disappointed. Avoid !

  • After 1 training session I could of cried !

Look like two different boots in an pair.

So unhappy and angry... ordered these to only have to see when unpacking that the boots were both completely different looking.. one is more blue than the other. They look like two completely different boots when meant to be an identical pair ... as they were a birthday present for a sibling in a different country and these came from australia, was not able to snd send them back.. so upset and angry..

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Orange football boots - fabulous looking boot.

Sadly the boots are as thin as paper so had to return them. Absolutely love the look but way too thin over the toes. Could see the shape of toe nail. Injury would happen if studded.

Most Comfortable Cleat of 2018

I have a VERY wide foot. This is the only soccer cleat that I've ever put on that put 0 pressure on any part of my foot. This is the most true to size soccer cleat. In fact it is so true to size that this cleat will help you figure out your actual shoe size. The upper is thin enough to protect your foot while providing a barefoot sensation. It is so light that you feel that this cleat will only help your performance in game. The insole is extremely comfortable and feels like your foot is sitting on the most fresh foam. I've tried recommended wide cleats from all brands, and this one was the best right out of the box and the fit is BEYOND belief. This is what I believe to be the first breakthrough in the first ever technologically advanced soccer cleat of the 21st century in regards to providing superior quality and performance. This boot will make sure you have no extra space in the inside of the shoe, and if there is all you need to do is go down a half size or a full size. I had to go down a FULL size than my normal cleats, that is how true to size these are especially for a wide foot where you feel like you need larger cleats to fit your foot. Get yourself a Magnetico Pro, believe me you will NOT regret it.

Hervorragender Schuh

sehr gute Passform, weiches Leder, gutes Tragegefühl und cooles Design

Two of the studs is broken aftrr 8-10 times usage

Two of the studs is broken aftrr 8-10 times usage one tubberknob and onerubbeeknob with the shred.

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