Herren Laufschuhe UA Micro G® Pursuit

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Herren Laufschuhe UA Micro G® Pursuit
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Modelgröße: Größe:
Herren Laufschuhe UA Micro G® Pursuit


Die Under Armour Micro G®-Dämpfung ist unglaublich präzise und reaktionsfreudig. In Kombination mit einem atmungsaktiven, leichten Obermaterial entsteht ein Schuh, der speziell auf Geschwindigkeit ausgelegt ist. Bleibt dir nur noch eins zu tun: Loslaufen!
  • NEUTRAL: Für Läufer, die nach der perfekten Balance zwischen Flexibilität und Polsterung suchen
  • Das leichte Netzstoffobermaterial bietet komplette Atmungsaktivität
  • Schaumstoffpolster um den Knöchelbund herum und unter der Zunge bieten eine wahnsinnig komfortable Passform und Gefühl
  • Gestanzte EVA-Einlegesohle mit hohem Rückschlag und verlängerte Mittelfußstütze
  • Die einteilige Mittelsohle aus Micro G® Schaum verwandelt sanfte Landungen in einen explosiven Start
  • Das reifenähnliche Mittelsohlenmuster bietet ultimative Flexibilität und erstklassige Traktion
  • Höhenunterschied zwischen Zehen- und Fersenbereich: 8 mm
  • Gewicht: 250g
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Great Shoes

Love these, only thing that could be better is the grip.

Very good mid-distance shoe

Very comfortable shoe. Good cushioning. Have been running about 4 miles, 3-4x per week. Very satisfied.

Good sneaker

I do a lot of running for work (about 10 miles). My feet take a beating on a daily basis. I’ve tried cheap shoes and they work but don’t last too long. These shoes fit very comfortably and take a little longer to wear out. I like the 4E fit too. It gives my toes a little more breathing room.

Great shoes

This is my second pair of these shoes. They fit my wide feet perfectly and are true to size. Highly recommended!

Heel Durability

I found with this pair as others the heel collapses after regular use as you put foot into shoe. I there could be a little more firmness when pressing down it may help. this is a minor concern as can be corrected with shoe horn or pulling up with finger. would just be a little nicer if didn't have to do regularly. Thanks

Good Shoe

I have put about 200 road miles on this shoe, though I’m not exactly sure because I don’t track my treadmill miles. They are very comfortable, flexible, and lightweight. The foam is soft, but not too spongy. They make a good gym or lightweight running shoe. The tread on mine is worn, but they have a little life left. I normally wear a 10.5 men’s shoe, with this pair I had to get an 11.5.

Squeak noise

I'm very happy with the comfort and feel of the shoes. However they have a constant squeak with I walk.

Good shoes

They're a very comfortable shoes that I was able to get at a reasonable price at the outlet store.

Fit very well

You need to make more assorted colors in wide size...you only have gray and black... more colors please..other than that they fill very comfy...

Men's UA Micro G® Pursuit Running Shoes

The fit of this item was a bit snug. I guess I need to break them in. The features of this item were awesome. I love the style and color. My experience using this item is for working when I wok overnight and do a lot of walking. What I liked about this item is its overall look. What I disliked about this item is how its kinda tight and how the back digs in the back of my ankle.