Herren Laufschuhe UA SpeedForm® Gemini 3 Record-Equipped

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Men's UA SpeedForm® Gemini 3 Record-Equipped Running Shoes

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Reaktionsstarke Dämpfung. Konstanter Komfort. Zusätzlich bietet die Record-Equipped-Technologie einen revolutionären Sprungtest, der vor dem Lauf misst, wie einsatzbereit dein Körper ist.
  • LAUFSTIL: Strukturierte Unterstützung, speziell zur Verbesserung der Stabilität entworfen, mit erstklassiger Dämpfung & Passform
  • RECORD-EQUIPPED-TECHNOLOGIE: Verfolgt, analysiert & speichert alle Laufdaten damit du genau weißt, was du verbessern musst
  • Der erste Smart Shoe, der einen einfachen Sprungtest nutzt — wir nennen ihn den Jump Around — um dir dabei zu helfen, die Intensität deines nächsten laufes zu bestimmen
  • Inklusive einjähriger Mitgliedschaft bei UA MapMyRun
  • Das innovative UA SpeedForm®-Design passt sich dem Fuß für eine präzise Passform an und verhindert jegliche Ablenkung
  • Das Threadborne-Mittelfuß-Stück bietet Struktur & individuellen Stil
  • Der Netzstoff der Zunge & Zehenbox sorgt für eine bessere Passform & zusätzliche Belüftung
  • Die innere Fersenkappe bietet nahtlose, leichtgewichtige Unterstützung & Struktur
  • Integrierte Einlegesohle für zusätzliche Dämpfung, Unterstützung & nahtlosen Tragekomfort
  • Die Charged Cushioning®-Mittelsohle nutzt verdichteten Schaumstoff für noch bessere Reaktionsfähigkeit & Strapazierfähigkeit und bietet optimale Dämpfung & Energierückgabe
  • Micro G® Fersen- & Mittelteil verbessert Schutz & Stabilisierung
  • Das aufgeschäumte Gummi unter dem Vorderfuß ist leicht und dennoch unglaublich reaktionsfähig
  • Abriebfestes Gummi unter der Ferse unterstützt die Bodenkontakt-Absorbierung
  • Sprengung: 8 mm
  • Gewicht: 280 g
  • Imported



Nach der Festlegung einer Basis legt dein Sprungindex die Muskelermüdung und die Erholungsrate fest und zeigt an, mit welcher Intensität du laufen solltest.


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13 Bewertungen

Nice shoes...stops syncing after 8 months

Really enjoy these shoes for comfort and fit. The data was really helpfull for a beginner runner like myself. After 8 months the shoes refuse to sync, troubleshooting to no avail...BUMMER. Dean

great running shoes!!!

Men's UA SpeedForm® Gemini 3 Record-Equipped Running Shoes has completely changed my fitness lifestyle! It is definitely true that working out looking and feeling good improves your performance! And it's not only about how well I look wearing it, it's about the quality! It's like a combo; quality+cool designs = perfect workout! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

comfortable to wear around, good for short distance

Under Armour gave me the SpeedForm Gemini to try. I like this shoe a lot for walking around and running short and fast distances. I would like a little more stability when moving side to side or turning. It fit true to size and comfortably. The connectivity features were very cool! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Stylish cushioned shoes

I bought this pair of shoes three days ago, tried them at the gym twice running 5k each time. Before buying, I was aware the shoes are not wide nor stability shoes, which is not the most suitable for wide or flat feet (I happen to have both). However they felt comfortable when I tried them on. Neither velocity (my favourite design) nor europa were wide enough for my feet, though. First day at the gym, shoes felt a bit tight when running on the treadmill. But loosened by the end of my run. Secind time Running, shoes have molded into the shop of my feet and feel way more comfortable. Good to have comfortable and stylish shoes. I recommend them to any athlete because the cushions are super comfy and the design is very appealing.

Great shoe! Very soft, light and comfortable

I already clocked over 100 miles in seven weeks. Arguably my best running shoe in 12 years of trying different shoes. The upper unit flexibility and comfort plus the cushioning system delivers a smooth and responsive ride. Too early to judge the durability but so far so good, I'm loving it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Love the data

I had Gemini 2 and upgraded to Gemini record equipped. Great shoes. I love the data on my runs. Very comfortable and light. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Beat expectations and performing well

As a rather tall (6'5") flat footed runner with large feet (size 16), I was nervous about getting these shoes. I had been running with heavier stability shoes for a couple years. It was coming time to replace my current stability shoe and during my search I was advised that my foot strike and gait didn't necessitate so much stability and that I should be good with a more neutral shoe. I've used the shoes for about 100 miles so far. After completing my first two half marathons I started having serious ankle pains after long runs, which is why I switched to a stability shoe. After 100 miles I haven't had any ankle or other join issues. Though it's s neutral shoe I still feel supported. Even with my larger shoe size, the shoe is refreshing light and fits well. Some fellow runners feel the toe box is a little tight but I haven't had any issues. The shoe also breathes very well. The UA Record syncing feature needs some work. This could have been a misconception on my part but when I got the shoe I assumed that once I passed the 11min/mi pace the shoe would start tracking and once I finished running I could sync the shoes with the MMR app and everything would be good to go and would also have a GPS map of my route. But that didn't happen. My workouts would only sync and show as UA Recorded if I also started tracking a workout per usual through the app. Since I usually carry my phone for music this didn't make a practical difference for me. If you're looking your phone and only record your workout via the shoes, I don't think you'll be fully satisfied based on my experience. All that being said, I think the Fatigue Report and Jump scores work smoothly, but I am curious how much of it is based on the jump data versus the self reported data. All in all, I would purchase these shoes again and recommend them for others.

Excellent Running Shoe!

I bought these shoes with reluctance given the cost and upon getting them, quickly found you definitely get what you pay for. This shoe is so breathable you want to wear them around the house. Coming off some leg injuries I was looking to provide my legs with necessary cushion and comfort. The shoe did not disappoint one bit. As for the chip tracking, so far I am finding it to be quite accurate. If you aren't looking for that, purchase the version without the chip. Although personally I see the value in having that "training" assistant. Definitely worth giving a try.


This shoe is my go to for long distance runs. This shoe is super comfortable. It doesn't have the most flashiest of design but it has great support. I do have issues linking my shoe to MapMyRun APP. They do not seem to link. This is strictly a running shoe because of the bulky design it is a little hard to wear them with everyday clothes. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

All around great shoe

These shoes are great for any distance and for walking. I find myself wearing them daily when I just want to relax casually. Also I train in them for long runs half marathon to marathon distance. The Record feature is very easy to link with mapmyrun. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]