Herren Sandalen UA Fat Tire

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Herren Sandalen UA Fat Tire
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Inspiration für die Außensohle waren die übergroßen Reifen der „Fat Bikes“, die über beliebiges Gelände problemlos hinweghüpfen. Mit diesen Bikes hält dich nichts auf – genau wie mit diesen Sandalen.
  • Synthetikriemen mit HeatGear®-Futter bieten eine individuelle Passform und Komfort
  • Das weiche Charged Cushioning-Fußbett sorgt für hohe Sprungkraft, Reaktionsstärke und Komfort
  • Die Michelin® Wild Gripper-Außensohle mit Gummiverbund hat einzigartige Traktionsstollen für unvergleichliche Bodenhaftung & Traktion
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Darum ist unsere Ausrüstung leistungsfähiger — und smarter — als alles, was es sonst so gibt.


Sobald du Charged Cushioning unter deinen Füßen spürst, willst du rennen. Die ultimative Weiterentwicklung der Energie absorbiert den Aufprall deiner Schritte und setzt ihn um in komfortable Reaktionsschnelligkeit, wie du sie noch nie gespürt hast.

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Awesome flip flops

Best pair of flip flops out there. Very comfortable and have a great feel. I bought both colors. Have NOT encountered any smells as mentioned in previous feedback. I actually bought these on all the other positive feedbacks.

Very comfortable, not durable

One of the most comfortable pair of sandals I’ve own, just durability wasn’t what I expected from UA. Own them for about 6 months and basically were just weekend foot ware but I took them on vacation in Hawaii and 2days in the front part of the thong came out. The way they’re made I couldn’t fix them since it goes in between two layers. But again very comfortable, just expected better quality from of my favorite brands.

Great flip flops

The most comfortable pair of flip flop I have ever purchased. So soft!

Best flip flops ever made

These are best sandals ever made,I'm 57 years old with bad knees and a bad back and with these sandals there is no worries about slipping, tripping or flying off your feet while walking and are the softest shoe I ever owned.

Great Product

Great product. Super cushy. Nothing bad to say, my friends wanted some too.

best sandal I have ever owned

bought these last year. I'm a shift worker so I try to go in and out of work wearing comfy shoes. in the summer time, these are it. After a 10-12 hour shift, its really nice to slide these on. no issues driving with them either when I'm out fishing.... these things rock! I can stand on the boat all day in these. rain? no issues. grip holds on to the decking and aluminum with no issues. they dry very quickly. taking these with me on vacation this year....and prob going to buy a second set, different colour. right now I wear the black and white. I'm so impressed with these, I bought similar kids pair for my 5 year old daughter. she loves them too!

Fat Tire Sandals

I was skeptical but the best sandals I have ever owned - I'm an avid offshore fisherman and I am completely impressed. Boat decks are hard as we know and these babies eliminated foot pain after all day on deck. Highly recommend BTW I waited 6 months to write this review.

Pillows for my feet

Most comfy flip flops i have,last yr after hunting all day i slip these on and guys start making fun of fat tire and how thick and studded traction,later they tried them on at the cabin and this year they all are wearing ua fat tire flip flops.i also have fat tire shoes and boots they wear fast and little spendy boots mostly but my feet never hurt.

Awesome but smelley

I have these sandals and when you wear them for a long while they really have a smell of feet, I've never had that with any other flip flops before. I wore them on holidays in the Dominican and on the last day had them on for 10 hours and at security when you take them off to go through they were disgusting. I thought it was because it was so hot there and just shrugged it off. I went camping in Alberta and went for a long walk around the lake, same thing. If you go for long walks don't buy them..... They are super comfortable so that is so unfortunate........


These flip flops are amazing!! Order these now! Going to order another pair after this review