Herren UA HOVR™ Phantom/SE RNR Laufschuhe

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Herren UA HOVR™ Phantom/SE RNR Laufschuhe
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Modelgröße: Größe:
Herren UA HOVR™ Phantom/SE RNR Laufschuhe


Wenn du dachtest, Under Armour HOVR™ würde das beste Lauferlebnis liefern, mach dich auf etwas gefasst. Denn wir haben die Technologie noch verbessert. Wir haben den Under Armour HOVR™ Phantom SE in eine schlankere, aerodynamischere und atmungsaktivere Sportvariante verwandelt. Nur Vorteile, auf ganzer Linie. Die gleiche Energierückgabe und weiche, durchgehende Dämpfung in einem neuen, rasanten und schnittigen Design.
  • NEUTRAL: Für Läufer, die nach Flexibilität, Dämpfung und Vielseitigkeit suchen
  • KOMPATIBEL MIT UNDER ARMOUR MAPMYRUN™: erfasst und analysiert all deine Laufdaten und zeigt dir, wie du dich verbessern kannst
  • Die Under Armour HOVR™-Technologie federt bei jedem Schritt die Erschütterungen ab und sorgt für eine gleichbleibend hohe Energierückgabe und ein Gefühl von Schwerelosigkeit
  • Das Energy Web aus Kompressions-Netzstoff enthält formbaren Under Armour HOVR™-Schaumstoff, der dir die investierte Energie zurückgibt
  • Das Obermaterial aus Warp-Strickstoff ist bequem, stabil und bietet eine sockenähnliche Passform
  • 3D-geformter Mittelfußbereich mit Laserperforationen für bessere Belüftung
  • Gepolsterter Schaftrand mit überarbeitetem Design für zusätzlichen Komfort und ein leichteres Anziehen
  • Äußere Fersenkappe für absolut stabilen Komfort
  • Extrem atmungsaktive, in den Schuh eingearbeitete SpeedForm® 2.0-Einlegesohle mit geschlechtsspezifischem Profil für zusätzlichen Schutz und weiche Unterstützung
  • Vollgummi-Außensohle mit einzigartiger genoppter Struktur für mehr Haftung und Strapazierfähigkeit
  • Reflektierende Details sorgen für bessere Sichtbarkeit in schlechten Lichtverhältnissen
  • Sprengung: 8 mm
  • Gewicht: 300 g
  • 100 % Polyester
  • HINWEIS: Enthält Teile, die nicht im Hausmüll entsorgt werden dürfen

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Mind. Max.


Mind. Max.

Simple Review for Great Sneakers

Runs small...needed a half size larger.....lightest performance shoe I have ever worn like running on little blue clouds

Running shoes

First time purchasing a pair of UA shoes. I typically wear a size 9 in most shoes but opted for 9.5 since I heard that UA shoes run small. It was a good choice. First run in the shoes went well although it was short my feet didn't feel fatigued and no pain in my joints. Only downside was the shipping. I order two other shoes direct from competitors websites all on the same day but received my shoes a week later. Even the confirmed delivery date was greater than the other two shoes.

Really Want to Like Them But I Can't

I'm a huge UA fan. All of my running gear (tights/shorts/shirts/hoodies/headband, etc) is UA. First pair of UA Phantoms I've owned. Read earlier reviews and made sure I got 3/4 length socks to go over my ankle so they would not rub my Achilles. However, even though I don't have blisters, the top of my foot right above the ankle is another story. It is sore after every single run from the way the shoe rubs this area. I have ran approx. 4-5x in the shoe and have the same issue each time. I have top end running socks w/ max cushioning so the socks aren't the issue. The shoes do not offer much cushioning and would not recommend that you run anything much over 7 miles at one time. They are good though for shorter 3-5 mile runs and feel light on your feet. I love the way the shoes look, but that can't make up for how disappointed I am with the way they feel. I am literally in pain when I finish my runs. Trust me, if UA would allow me to exhange these shoes (I bought them directly from their website) and get a different style I would do it in a heartbeat. I am just terribly disappointed in these shoes and it really makes me hesitant to make future purchases.

Beautiful shoe but not good for running.

I ordered these despite my better judgement. Needless to say, they hurt the bottom of my feet running more than 2 miles. The back part of the shoe rubs against my Achilles which makes it uncomfortable. I think I’ll use them for an active wear shoe. The colorway is amazing.

Not made for people that have normal to wide feet !!

I love UA and am a huge fan of their products. However, these were the most uncomfortable running shoes I have ever worn. The fit was tight, to the point that putting on the shoes was difficult -there is no way to loosen them. I took them out for a short run and they felt so tight that I stopped the run and went home and changed to another pair. I love the design and look of the shoes but seriously believe that THERE NEEDS TO BE A WAY TO LOOSEN THEM so it's easier to put on and secondly they NEED TO WIDEN them way more to prevent blisters and circulation issues.

The best!

Great fit, super comfortable! These shoes are next level

Worst shoe ever !! Please don’t buy

First off I really wanted to love my shoes because Im a huge fan of under armour but I’ll be completely honest it’s the worst shoe I have ever owned for running ! I have ran over 150 miles on them and they don’t even feel broken in and are super stiff and uncomfortable no support what so ever ... please don’t make the same mistake I did do not buy !!!

poor quailty

My son had these shoe for less then 2 months and wore them for maybe a total of 25 hours and the mess on the outside of each shoe tore. He only used them in a gym and never outside. He was unable to even wear them as his toes fell out the side of the right one. I've seen this happen after years of use on other brands not after such a short period of time. Very disappointing at this price point for sure. I did contact UnderAmour and they will refund me with a gift card once they receive the shoes via mail return. I am happy with the service so far as I purchased these at a third party store.

Feels great and performs great

Feels great and performs great. Great bounce and foot support.

Hard to put it on

I love Under Armour products, but shoes. I wanted to give it a shot and purchase these pair attracted by the colors, but was totally disappointed when try to put them on, it was very hard as the "sock" attached to the shoe was too small cuts the circulation to my feet :(