Herren UA Official Tour 3.0 Kappe

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Herren UA Official Tour 3.0 Kappe

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Das ist Jordans Lieblingskappe. Wenn er unterwegs ist, kommt nur das Beste auf seinen Kopf – Die Kappe schützt seine Augen vor der Sonne und mit dem HeatGear®-Schweißband bleibt er fokussiert.
  • Under Armour Classic Fit mit vorgebogenem Schirm und strukturierten, formstabilen Vorderteilen sowie einer flachen Passform
  • Leichter, robuster und schnell trocknender Stretch-Stoff mit ArmourVent™-Technologie für optimale Atmungsaktivität
  • Under Armour CoolSwitch verwendet eine exklusive Beschichtung auf der Innenseite, die Hitze von deiner Haut wegleitet, damit dein Körper angenehm kühl bleibt und du länger Höchstleistungen bringen kannst
  • Das Schweißband besteht aus einem speziellen Stoff für ein kühles Gefühl auf der Haut und leitet Hitze superschnell weg, damit du immer einen kühlen Kopf bewahrst
  • Der UPF 30 schützt deine Haut vor schädlichen Sonnenstrahlen
  • Stretch-Konstruktion für eine bequeme Passform
  • Siebdruck-Logos mit Reliefstruktur
  • 100 % Polyester

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Mind. Max.

It fits!

I usually don’t buy fitted caps because even the small/medium sizes are big on me, but under armour size s/m fits me perfectly! Taking it out to the course tomorrow! Woot!

Unbelievably good for when your sweating.

The fit is ok, a bit small on my head(I bought the XXL). In terms of comfort the blitz is better but it blows the blitz out of the water when you start to sweat. I wear it when I’m walking around and I needed something to help with the insane amount that I sweat from being anxious. It’s the best hat I’ve ever had, it stops the heat from becoming too much and it does a great job of getting rid of perspiration. The iso-chill may do something I can’t really tell. The downsides are it’s not adjustable which I don’t like and the curve on the front panel is too narrow for my giant head, but it does it job with overheating so well I wear no other caps.

Love this xxl hat

I have a very hard time buying a fitted hat that won’t squeeze my head. Bought the xxl and have finally found a hat that looks great and fits great.

Good fit but horrible comfort

I just bought this few days ago and played 2 rounds of golf. Ive got a head half way through. Even though I bough M/L size which fits perfectly, it felt like my head was being compressed. Just not a comfortable fit for some reason. What a waste of a good looking hat.

Hat Size Too Small

The size chart online was not true to the size of the hat. Will have to return.

Very good quality

It is of superior quality, fast delivery and free, I am very satisfied

Good looking perfidy golf cap

I find it hard to find the correct fitting golf cap that performs under hot conditions. This one works ideally in sunny hot climates. Good colour and stitching. Will last me many a round.

Great Hat

Ive been wearing this hat for two years now, its light and comfortable and hopefully under armour keeps this product.

Another fantastic UA product, great service as well

Another great UA product, I now only use UA clothing and accessories for my preferred golfing brand.

Disappointed in side seams

The green is petrol blue but other than that it is a great cap that feels great on the head BUT UA has an issue witrh production where the side seams of the caps are different from one side compared to the other. This means that on one side the cap ends up longer down which means there is a crease on the cap because the ear gets in the way on that side. Checking the inside reveals that one side seam is not done the correct way and should never have left the production site. You have to use a scissor and cut that off which ruins the cap completely. I only buy UA cause they seem to be the only ones on the market with XXL caps but after three UA caps that all came with mistakes at the side seam I am looking for another brand.