Herren UA RUSH™ ColdGear® Leggings

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Herren UA RUSH™ ColdGear® Leggings
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Modelgröße: Größe: Passform: Kompression
Herren UA RUSH™ ColdGear® Leggings


Dieses Baselayer verbessert Kraft und Ausdauer. Und das ist wissenschaftlich bewiesen. Ganz im Ernst. Das mineralhaltige Funktionsmaterial nimmt die Energie auf, die dein Körper abgibt, absorbiert sie und gibt sie wieder an Gewebe und Muskeln zurück. Das Ergebnis: Deine Muskeln können besser arbeiten. Und du kannst noch besser werden.
  • Kompression: Ultraenger Schnitt – wie eine zweite Haut
  • Die von deinem Körper abgestrahlte Energie wird vom Stoff aufgenommen und an Gewebe und Muskeln zurückgegeben – so hast du mehr Kraft und hältst länger durch
  • Das superweiche und gleichzeitig unglaublich warme ColdGear®-Material ist atmungsaktiv und sorgt mit seiner Dehnbarkeit für optimale Bewegungsfreiheit
  • Netzstoffeinsätze für zusätzliche Atmungsaktivität
  • Eingefasster Elastikbund mit erhöhter Jacquard-Textur
  • Geschmeidige, reibungsfreie Flatlock-Nähte
  • Innenbeinlänge: 71 cm
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These are very comfortable

Not as warm as the normal Coldgear leggings but very good support and very comfortable. Only downside is they are a bit shorter compared to other UA tights but I highly recommend.

I like the seamless fit, but run short

I was excited to get these as a Christmas gift and love the feel, warmth, and overall compression. However my complaint is that they are little short. If the inseam were a couple inches longer they would be perfect.

Skateboarder Tested & Certified

I’ve been wearing Under Armour Cold Gear for years now when I skate Vert or Bowl mostly because I have to wear pads and with shorts. I need that compression in the winter especially because when I’m falling from airs or other tricks in the cold I wouldn’t last very long in the conditions. The UA RUSH coldgear leggings I definitely had my doubts because of all the different materials and sewing all over but first time skating in them with pads. They held up well. I thought the mesh would rip with my gaskets and pads rubbing constantly but the material is very durable so far. I also had fear the stitching wouldn’t last on them but they did. They also fit tight so the compression is perfect. Sometime the coldgear compression might be a tad less compression then it should but the UA RUSH Coldgear Leggings fit tight and firm and don’t lose the compressing fit once they get sweaty. I plan on giving them of a try in the future but as a NO NONSENSE QUALITY SKATEBOARDER I can say I am impressed and did feel like I could keep going in the cold way longer then I usually could. Maybe it’s the compression maybe it’s the material but whatever it is it works. I’m satisfied.

Good for cool to cold weather running

Two runs so far in upper 40s to low 50s and they've been great. Keeping the muscles warm to avoid injuries, providing some compression. I don't know much about the Rush tech, but I'll say that my legs felt great. I wear these under a pair of shorts. And I think that they'd easily work 30 degrees and up. I would recommend them.

First Rush purchased

This is my first "rush" item from UA. This thing is on a whole new level. I wear a 31'32 and a medium fits great. I work nights in construction in all the elements and im always wet, this keeps my legs pretty dry, warm, the compression helps with cramps, it even keeps my legs from drying out and getting super itchy. I love the chameleon colored logo. As soon as i tried these on I ordered a rush mock shirt

Maximum comfort

This product fits perfectly to the body without tightening it.

Excellent Compression Garment

Fits perfectly, comfortable, breathes well...love it.

Not a fan of the fabric

I've worn UA ColdGear leggings for a long time and the fit's been great. The fit on these runs small on me and I find the fabric's feel uncomfortable.

Nice fit Keeps me Warm

I got these to wear under my normal jogging pants when either jogging or hiking on the colder days this winter They do the job, nice comfy fit. I got the small size for the waist. But I do have kinda big feet so getting the over the entire foot and the heel takes a little while to do . But once over the heel on problem.After a few times of putting them on really isn't an issue I would order the same waist size A size Med. would have been to big in the waist. Nice comp fit, but not to tight .

Great compression and temperature regulation

I ran a little 5k run with these on under some 3/4 pants and loved it. It was cold (mid-30's, F) but my legs stayed comfortable throughout. I've got a little nagging muscle pain in my lower leg, and just putting this on eased that pain from the compression alone. It was great. Overall, a wonderful product.