Herren UA RUSH™ HeatGear® Enganliegendes Kurzarm-Oberteil mit Druck

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Modelgröße: Größe: Passform: Enganliegend
Herren UA RUSH™ HeatGear® Enganliegendes Kurzarm-Oberteil mit Druck

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Verhindert Energieverschwendung und macht dich stärker. Der mineralhaltige Stoff nimmt die Energie, die dein Körper beim Training abstrahlt, auf und gibt sie an deine Muskeln zurück. Dadurch wird die Durchblutung verbessert und deine Muskeln können mehr Leistung bringen.
  • Enganliegend: Hautenger Schnitt ohne Einengung
  • Die von deinem Körper abgestrahlte Energie wird vom Stoff aufgenommen und wieder abgegeben, sodass du mehr Ausdauer hast
  • Netzstoff-Einsätze an Ärmeln und seitlich am Saum für mehr Atmungsaktivität
  • Modifizierte Raglanärmel und flach anliegender Kragen
  • Powered by Celliant
  • Hauptteil: 82 % Polyester/18 % ElastanNetzstoff: 90 % Polyester/10 % Elastan

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Mind. Max.

Cosmetic issue

The shirt looks and feels good while wearing it. However, the shirt has 2 dimples on the shoulders like it was sitting on a wire hanger for a long time. Take note in the picture of the athlete wearing the shirt, you will see signs of it, but it is not present at all on the picture showing just the shirt. It seems if we want the shirt a little loose like in the picture, we will have the 2 "hanger marks". Going a size smaller stretches the fabric and removes the marks.

My favourite shirt!

I bought this shirt as an all-round 'high temperature' shirt for outside and inside. I really love it and wear it all day, even when i'm not working out. The shirt has an excellent feel to it, it fits really well and the colours (i have green) are very nice. I also love the logo placement of the Rush line, i wish all UA products would have this! The only downside of this shirt for me is that it's a bit on the tall side and it could be a bit more fitted around the waist. I tried a size down but it was way too tight around the chest/traps. Luckily the 'looseness' around the waist doesn't bother me, as this is supposed to be a summer shirt. Overall the shirt has a really great 'sporty' fit and the seams and the colours are as amazing with this as they are with all Rush products!

Built for a guy with bigger traps

I aspire to reach the traps this shirt demands from me.

Very nice shirt, highly recommended for running too

Very happy with this shirt. Firstly, unlike the "Wave Seamless" shirt, the Pink on this is much more accurate to the photos; it's very punchy and intense, definitely stands out if you're wanting that in a shirt. I'm not sure I've worn a more comfortable active t-shirt than this. Even the fact this isn't seamless doesn't bother me, it's *that* comfortable; no chafing, just feels incredibly soft and cool against your skin. Was sceptical about spending £40+ on a shirt, but compared to some £15ish competitors' shirts that I've used in the past, this was much more comfortable for an hour long run, stayed much cooler throughout the workout. Even though it's not categorised as a running tee, it's easily the best tee I've worn for this. Fit is very close, not compression-tight but definitely more fitted than say, the aforementioned Wave shirt, which was a bit too loose for my liking. I'm incredibly sceptical about the minerals and energy re-directed stuff, sounds like marketing rubbish, but cannot fault the shirt so far on the factors that actually matter, recommended!

Rush in the second year getting even better

I already own 4 different Rush shirts from the 1st year it was released. While they where all amazing to use while training there where definitely a couple of things that could be improved. The fit on your traps was a bit strange and after spending so much on Under Armour gear having the logo hidden away so low was a bit disappointing. In the second year of the Rush gear they've fixed these issues. The logo is back where it should be and the cut sits a lot better on your shoulders, on top of this the new sleeve edging is really good to keep it in place. This shirt is a bit looser than the Rush shirts from the 1st year but still feels great. I don't believe all the hype about the minerals but Rush definitely feels completely different to wear than other materials, mainly how quickly it gets sweat away from your body. You'll notice when you pull it out of the wash that all Rush shirts come out almost dry. 10/10 from me, I love the Rush gear, just wish I could convince my wife with how much it costs ;-)

UA Rush

Love the fit and the feel of this shirt I plan on ordering more of the same. Ken