Herren UA Speedpocket Shorts ohne Innenslip (18 cm)

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Herren UA Speedpocket Shorts ohne Innenslip (18 cm)
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Modelgröße: Größe: Passform: Enganliegend
Herren UA Speedpocket Shorts ohne Innenslip (18 cm)


  • Enganliegend: Hautenger Schnitt ohne Einengung
  • Die erweiterbare Tasche vorne am Bund ist wasserdicht und schützt dein Handy, ohne sich auf und ab zu bewegen
  • Ultraleichtes Stretch-Gewebe für uneingeschränkte Bewegungsfreiheit
  • Seitliche Netzstoff-Einsätze für zusätzliche Belüftung
  • Der 4-Way-Stretchstoff sorgt für größere Bewegungsfreiheit in alle Richtungen
  • Das Material leitet Schweiß weg und trocknet sehr schnell
  • Weicher Strickbund sorgt dank Zugkordel an der Innenseite für sicheren, bequemen Tragekomfort
  • Tasche mit Zip mittig an der Rückseite
  • Reflektierende Details für Läufe in schlechten Lichtverhältnissen
  • Speedpocket-Tasche an der Vorderseite bietet ausreichend Platz für die meisten Handys (bis zu 15 cm × 7,5 cm)
  • Reflexion im 360°-Radius
  • Innenbeinlänge: 18 cm
  • Ohne Innenslip
  • Importiert

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4 Bewertungen

Love the Speedpocket shorts

I love Speedpocket shorts! These are my second pair. I don't want to wear non-Speedpocket shorts ever again, unless I'm not bringing my phone. I was worried that the pocket in front would bounce or be cumbersome with the phone inside, but it doesn't bother me one iota. And the quality of the material is high end, what I would expect from UA. Now, I will say, like another reviewer said, these are not the same 7" shorts UA sold before. I did the same comparison as the other reviewer, and these are indeed smaller. BUT BUT BUT I actually don't mind. I like the snugger fit, so it's all good in my book!

Almost excellent product

If the draw strings were not totally exposed on the front f the shorts several inches below the waist so they cannot be tucked inside, this would be an excellent product.

These run small

I'm 6'2, 225 with big-ish legs and a hockey butt. Using the size chart I'm on the upper end of "large", but because these have no drawstring, I wen't with a large anyway so I wouldn't risk them sagging. The waist is fine. but the legs are SLIM. I'm not sure I could run in them The material is thin; the white/green pair are almost transparent. The sizing information shows right through. I'm sure after a few washes, they'd be unwearable.

If you love short shorts these are for you!

I had a pair of UA Speedpocket 7" that I love, but needed to find a replacement for after that specific short tyle #1295570 was discontinued. I ordered these thinking they were the same size since they are also 7 inch. They are not. These were 2.5 inches shorter (see picture). These are on top, the old pair is on the bottom. Quality control is obviously lacking and I have no idea what size to order moving forward. Pros: These added a small pocket on your right cheek for valuable so you don't have to put them with your phone. (I would pull my phone out and valuables/cards would fly out with them), so this was a welcome surprise. Love the material. Cons: Run tighter than previous larges. Much shorter than my last pair. No drawstring. Super disappointed in the length and wish someone had posted a review that 7 inches does not mean 7 inches across the same style shorts... I ordered two pairs and I am dissapointed and stuck with one pair I am embarrassed to wear... The other will be sent back.