Herren UA Tempo Tour Golfschuhe

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  • Atmungsaktives, Vollnarbenleder und eine leichte wasserdichte Membran halten dich kühl & trocken
  • Inklusive 2 Jahre Garantie auf Wasserdichtheit
  • Herausnehmbare geformte Einlage stützt & bettet den Fuß für kompletten Komfort
  • Die Charged Cushioning® Mittelsohle bietet Energierückgabe, adaptive Stütze und unvergleichlichen Komfort
  • Eingebaute laterale TPU-Kappe stabilisiert die Ferse zur Vermeidung von Überschlägen - für volle Kontrolle bei jedem Schlag
  • CHAMP Zarma Tour®-Spikes mit dem besonderen Slim-Lok®-System bieten dank hervorragender Bodenhaftung Griffigkeit auf dem Boden für maximale Drehstärke
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Darum ist unsere Ausrüstung leistungsfähiger — und smarter — als alles, was es sonst so gibt.


Sobald du Charged Cushioning unter deinen Füßen spürst, willst du rennen. Die ultimative Weiterentwicklung der Energie absorbiert den Aufprall deiner Schritte und setzt ihn um in komfortable Reaktionsschnelligkeit, wie du sie noch nie gespürt hast.

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47 Bewertungen

Toe Box

Toe Box is too narrow for me. Pictures didn't reveal how pointed these shoes are. I can't wear a pointed type toe box, it looks/feels like wearing point toed shoes and they crowd my toes. Very odd for UA. All my other shoes for UA have a more rounded toe box. Shoes look great otherwise. I returned my pair and decided on using the UA baseball turf shoes instead of traditional golf shoes, work really well for me.

Tempo tour in black

I love these shoes and have them in black and two pairs of the whites and I have never had an issue with blisters like others people have had. They were a little stiff the first couple rounds but other than that definitely my shoe of choice . The only issue I have is with the black ones (I've wore about 15 rounds ) on one part of the shoe ( on each one ) the leather is turning a brown color and it doesn't really look good . I don't know if this is a defect or not but people have noticed it and asked what happened to my shoes.

Look awesome but have flaws

The tempo tours look great and I've gotten many compliments when I wear them on the course, but they aren't comfortable even after I tried "breaking them in" by playing way more than a dozen rounds. I get these blisters on my heel and outside my big toe and these shoes are extremely stiff. Also I've noticed that they are really squeaky when I walk around the green and the spikes also leave giant indentations on the green (I'm only 110 pounds) wherever you step which is not great and your playing partners might get mad. But on the brighter side, under armour didn't lie about how waterproof this shoe is. I have played in some really wet, muddy conditions and they have held up. I wouldn't recommend buying these.

Love the shoe but blisters galore

I purchased this shoe online in the slate/midnight blue color and when they arrived absolutely loved the look and design. About 6 holes in of my first round with them, I already felt blisters forming on my heels. I'm doing everything I can to break them in hoping I can wear them next year. Not giving up on UA, I purchased the UA drive one's and they are absolutely the most comfortable golf shoe I've ever owned. UA missed on comfort with the Tempo Tour but I'm happy I didn't give up on them. I love the design of the Tempo Tour and hope UA brings that to the UA Drive One in the color I love. I'll purchase them the day they come out.

Love Em and Hate Em

The shoes look fantastic, you can tell they are high quality. They give me INSANE blisters after walking ONE hole of golf. Yes, they are the correct size for my feet. Sorry if this review is curt, I wrote a longer one before but UA censored it.

Love 'em

It's hard to find golf shoes in a 16, but UA had these. After returning a pair of FJ's (my go to brand for years) as well as a pair of Adidas, I went with the UA TT's. True, there is a break-in period (about 3-4 rounds). I also place a piece of tape on the back of my right heel as I always have to ward off a recurring blister. But once I softened them up, it was like the perfect marriage between a great pair of dress shoes and UA performance. And, they're really nice looking as well. One mod I made was to remove the insoles and replace them with Superfeet Orange insoles. Absolute perfection.

Fantastic Shoe

I always thought that Footjoy DNAs were the most comfortable golf shoe ever until I bought these Tempo Tours. Overall comfort of the two is nearly identical, but the tongue/top of the shoe in the Tempo Tour is where they beat the DNA. As for others commenting that the leather is somewhat stiff, it is comparable to high end leather golf shoes from any other major brand. These are not supposed to be running shoes with soft spikes. I wore mine directly out of the box, walked 36 holes and had no problems. They are extremely stable and provide great connection to the ground throughout the swing. While everyone's foot is different, I would suspect that if you like DNAs you will love these. Finally a size 12.5 shoe! Since most manufacturers stop half sizes at 12, I have to buy size 13 in most shoes (except DNAs where I wear 12). Thanks UA.

Great Shoe but stiff!

These shoes are great and fit well, but have given me the worst blisters ever. I have done everything to try and break them in. Played 6 rounds and hold up very well under pressure.

Great, but needs to be broken in...a lot.

This shoe is a great performance shoe and all you need to do to get that high performance in the shoe is to break it in, a lot. The shoe runs perfect so go turn to size. The cleats are fairly good but the problem with them is over a few rounds one or 2 of the cleats may crack. Under Armor throws in 2 extra spikes.

Really uncomfortable

Had to take the plunge and buy these online without trying them on because I couldn't find my size in any store. Didn't think it would be an issue as I have bought multiple Under Armour shoes online before and they have always been true to size. However, these somehow managed to be both too large AND too tight. These ran much narrower than expected and squeezed my foot but there was so much room beyond the toes that I initially thought I had been sent the wrong size. Also, so stiff that just trying them on around my living room I felt like I was getting a blister on my heel. I guess now we know why we only see Spieth in Drive Ones. (Whomever made the decision not to offer the Drive Ones in a 14 this year got that one WAY wrong.) I couldn't return these fast enough. Pros? They looked good and the leather felt like high quality. If I had kept them I'm sure they would have lasted me for years.