Herren UA HOVR™ Phantom SE Laufschuhe

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Herren UA HOVR™ Phantom SE Laufschuhe
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Wenn du dachtest, Under Armour HOVR™ würde das beste Lauferlebnis liefern, mach dich auf etwas gefasst. Denn wir haben die Technologie noch verbessert. Wir haben den UA HOVR™ Phantom SE in eine schlankere, aerodynamischere und atmungsaktivere Sportvariante verwandelt. Nur Vorteile, auf ganzer Linie. Die gleiche Energierückgabe und weiche, durchgehende Dämpfung in einem neuen, rasanten und schnittigen Design.
  • NEUTRAL: Für Läufer, die Flexibilität, Dämpfung und Vielseitigkeit benötigen
  • DIGITAL VERNETZT: Die Record Sensor™-Technologie von Under Armour misst, analysiert und speichert alle Laufdaten, damit du genau weißt, was du verbessern musst
  • Die Under Armour HOVR™-Technologie federt bei jedem Schritt die Erschütterungen ab und sorgt für eine gleichbleibend hohe Energierückgabe und ein Gefühl von Schwerelosigkeit
  • Das Energy Web aus Kompressions-Netzstoff enthält formbaren Under Armour HOVR™-Schaumstoff, der dir die investierte Energie zurückgibt
  • Das Obermaterial aus Warp-Strickstoff ist bequem, stabil und bietet eine sockenähnliche Passform
  • 3D-geformter Mittelfußbereich mit Laserperforationen für bessere Belüftung
  • Äußere Fersenkappe für absolut stabilen Komfort
  • Extrem atmungsaktive SpeedForm® 2.0-Einlegesohle für zusätzlichen Schutz und weiche Unterstützung
  • Vollgummi-Außensohle mit einzigartiger genoppter Struktur für mehr Bodenhaftung und Strapazierfähigkeit
  • Sprengung: 8 mm
  • Gewicht: 301 g
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    Das UA HOVR™ Schaum und Mesh Energy Web wirkt stoßabsorbierend
    und gibt dir die Energie zurück, die du in jeden Schritt steckst


    Tiefe Flexkerben und eine stabile Plattform sorgen für ein angenehmes
    und weiches Laufgefühl – Kilometer um Kilometer


    Durch nahtlose Verbindung mit der UA MapMyRun App erhältst du
    persönliches Coaching je nach Tempo, Rhythmus, Schrittlänge
    und Strecke deiner Läufe – mit oder ohne Handy

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Mind. Max.

Very comfortable

I only wear Under Armour shoes as the quality has always been great with every pair I’ve owned, I bought a pair of these for everyday use, very comfortable, fit is dead on, not to tight or loose, looks stylish but functional, highly recommend.

Extremely disappointed

Last year, I decided to buy these shoes even though they were expensive. I wanted to see if they were as comfortable as advertised, and to keep brief they weren’t. The couple of runs I did with these shoes were extremely uncomfortable, so I decided to use them as walking shoes and they still were uncomfortable. While I was running or walking in the shoes the bottom piece came off so I can’t even use them at all, which means I wasted all of that money. I’m extremely disappointed and surprised because I usually never have negative things to say about under armour products.

Has the greatest feature testing my steps

I love these shoes they are comfortable and allow me to run without my feet hurting all the time thanks under armour

This product is great but has disadvantages

The ankle is way too tight in the shoe making it very hard to get on. Other than that it is pretty good. I like the cushioning it has good support but the tightness will give you blisters on the back of your ankle if you don't wear tall socks.

Poor Heel Design

Just after 60 days the heel fabric separated from the base rubber with a horizontal tear. I liked the shoes but not for this price should they tear so easily. UA did honor them warranty but I am getting something different.

Great shoes with one MAJOR flaw

I bought the shoes based on reviews and the fact that it syncs with the MapMyRun app. My first runs in the shoes were amazing. I ran a half with them and felt great. The fatal flaw is how it handles wet surfaces. I ran a race in the rain and wiped out multiple times. The shoes become VERY slippery on any wet surface. I will have to buy my next shoes elsewhere (regardless of shoe features and comfort)

Started to break in 3 months

Overall I really loved these shoes when I first bought them. Although they run a little small and narrow, they were still very comfortable. However, the seam on the back of the shoe near the pull tab has started to rip apart within 3 months of purchase. Considering the primary way to put on the shoe is by pulling on the back tab, I am really disappointed by the quality of the material that is used and how fast these shoes broke. The rip in the seam on the back is continuing to get bigger and will eventually cause a large hole between the plastic piece and the fabric on the back of these shoe. Return policy only allows you to return within 60 days but for a shoe this expensive i believe it should last longer than 3 months. I don't know about you guys but I don't have 140 dollars to spend on a low quality pair of shoes every 3 months.

Barely made it 4 months

Bought these back in August and the side of the shoe has already started coming apart from the sole so there is now a huge hole. Loved wearing them they were very comfortable but it's a shame the quality for the construction of the shoe isn't there.


This shoe was way too small. (Obviously, I ordered the size that I wear in every other brand) My foot was hanging off both sides and the end of the sole. This is ridiculous. Why make a shoe that is at the very least a full size smaller than it is listed? Worked at a shoe store for 2 years, never saw anything this bad.


I bought the Onyx white pair and would have liked to know that the shoelaces have like glitter in them. Other than that very content with this shoe.