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UA Band

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  • UA Band erfasst Schlaf, Ruheherzfrequenz, Schritte und sogar Trainingsintensität, wenn du es zusammen mit UA Heart Rate trägst. Trage es RUND UM DIE UHR.
  • Mit Display, das beim Training angeschaltet bleiben kann – so musst du keine Tasten drücken.
  • Wasserfest – du kannst es ununterbrochen tragen, auch unter der Dusche; du darfst es aber nicht ins Wasser tauchen.
  • Mit Bluetooth Smart kompatibel – wird mit UA Record verbunden.
  • KOSTENLOSE 3-monatige Mitgliedschaften bei MyFitnessPal Premium und MapMyFitness MVP im Kauf von UA Band inbegriffen.

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Great product, but...

I used to wear my Band everyday all day long. I ran track in the spring and winter and used it to track my miles and my workouts. About a year went by with continuous use. I’ve never damaged it but all of a sudden the pixels started to slowly vanish. Here I am a year and a half later and almost half of the pixels are gone. I can no longer read my heart rate, time, or Fitness screen. Please help me understand what is going on as the watch works perfectly fine still I just cannot see for the most part what I am doing on the screen.

Screen is fading

Initially this was awesome! Everything was working great! Then about 6 months in the screen began to fade. About a year the band broke. Unable to sync back to my phone because the screen has faded & I cannot see all the numbers. It stinks cause I was really living in my mission to get back in shape.

Bien mais

Ce produit m'a beaucoup plus mais à ce prix je m'attendais à pouvoir l'utiliser plus longtemps. Durée de vie 2ans.

Loved it but 5 to 6 months u cant read the numbers

Loved it intill 5 to 6 months the numbers were not readable

Can not find a replacement strap for this over priced item....

I have been searching the web for a replacement strap for the HTC and I guess it must not exist....This is totally absurd considering how much was spent on this item. I would stay weary of purchasing any electronics from "Under Armour"

Band display wears out.

Got the Healthbox last year as a Father's Day present. Love the total concept and the other parts that come with it, but the band's display started wearing out on the left side a few months ago. I'd considered buying a new one but I see that you are "Sold Out". I hope that you are re-vamping your product with a bigger screen and a better reading numerical font. I still use and like the band, it's just too bad I can no longer read it and have to depend on the app for information. Also, do you have any plans to make UA Record app available for Microsoft phones?

Good product but not a good band

On March 25, 2017, I purchased my band super excited about getting the band. It as been about 1 year and some change and the band that I can not replace is cracking really bad and the screen is dimming in the corners. It's great at tracking everything, but since the band started cracking, I cannot really wear it because it keeps pinching my skin. I have not worn the band in the shower nor have I taken it swimming or anything I am not supposed to do, so the cracking and falling apart is apparently natural ware and tear. Like i said, it does a good job for what it is supposed to do but with these flaws it will last about a year.

Disappointing screen durability

My husband purchased these, along with the UA Scale, in December as a Christmas gift for our family of four. Within 3 months all of the band displays were losing display pixels. We can barely read the screen at all now, with all of the corners gone. This defect makes it very difficult to continue use of the band. We are unable to switch to various screens (like check battery percentage) without being able to do it from memory. We cannot check our step count at all - you cannot read what the first and last numbers are. I see a lot of reviews here saying the same thing. Hopefully UnderArmour takes notice and makes this right for all of us. I've enjoyed UA products for several years now, but the poor quality here makes me reconsider.

Would be great if it worked properly

I purchased the UA Band to as a part of the UA Health Box. I've gone thought three replacement in under 9 months. Each replacement failed in a different way. Do not purchase this product.

Great device, but poor quality and value

I first ordered a UA band with the health box a year and a half now. I am currently on my 5th UA band replacement due to a variety of faults in the product. The first two problems I had encountered were the band strap would break after only 2-3 months of casual use. casual use. I will not lie. I bought this product to get myself back into shape and running, etc... well I didn't do that and just mainly wore it to track overall steps and sleep (which is the best feature of this entire thing) The other problems that I have encountered is the screen. So once I finally started working out and running daily is when i first noticed the screen going dark on the edges, I wore it until I couldn't see anything on it anymore and got a new one. Once I got a new one it took 2 weeks for that to start again. That is when i realized that even when i had gotten it the right side was dimmer..exactly like the image above someone else had posted. Finally the last issue i had is my ability to sync with the UA record app. I had an android phone for the first few months and it was awesome because UA record and my band would automatically update from each other. once I updated the app and eventually migrated to iphone I have always had to manually open the UA record app to get the steps and various other numbers to sync in. Occasionally i would not remember to do this and the app wouldn't sync back to previous days... therefore i had no record in UA record. Positives to this device are the insanely accurate sleep monitoring and the ability that it has to help get you on track with a bed time and adequate sleep, i also like how the steps are not too giving and it is much smarter than my other name brand fitness tracker that you can sit and shake until it gives out steps. the last positive i have is the ability to track workouts from the device itself, that is great and all. its not perfect, but i did enjoy that when i would go for my runs!