UA Sport Kabellose Sportkopfhörer — Project Rock Edition

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UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones — Project Rock

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„Project Rock ist mehr als bloß eine Marke, es ist eine Bewegung. Es geht um die Grundeinstellung, mich zu 100 % nicht dafür zu interessieren, welche Hautfarbe du hast, wie alt du bist, wo du herkommst oder was du beruflich machst. Ich interessiere mich nur dafür, dass wir beide alles überwinden und schaffen können – ganz egal, wie groß die Herausforderung auch ist. Alles fängt jedoch damit an, wie viel Arbeit wir selbst investieren wollen.“ – Dwayne Johnson
  • Rutschfestes Material an der gesamten Innenseite von Kopfband und Ohrpolster für weiches Tragegefühl und maximale Stabilität
  • JBL® Charged Sound hilft dir mit spezieller Sportabmischung und sattem Bass, dein Training zu rocken
  • Leicht zu verbindende Bluetooth®-Technologie sorgt für kabellose Leistung ohne Ablenkung
  • 16 Stunden Batterielaufzeit reichen für eine ganze Trainingswoche; 5 Minuten Schnellladung reichen für eine Stunde Abspielzeit
  • Talk Thru-Technologie stellt die Musik leiser und aktiviert geräuschoptimierte Mikrofone, damit du zwischen den Sätzen Gespräche führen kannst, ohne die Kopfhörer abzunehmen. Bei Anrufen kannst du dein Mikrofon stummschalten und Siri® oder Google Now™ aufrufen
  • Lieferumfang: Kopfhörer, Tragetasche, Ladekabel, Audiokabel, Kurzanleitung, Sicherheitshinweise und 1-Jahr-Garantiekarte
  • Robust, On-Ear-Design, Stoßest nach IPX4, gebaut für die härtesten Trainingsbedingungen
  • Atmungsfähige UA SuperVent-Ohrpolster mit leichtem, belastbarem und schnell trocknendem Stoff, der sich leicht abnehmen und von Hand waschen lässt
  • Große hochwertige Tasten für Haltbarkeit und einfache Bedienung
  • Die Hörmuscheln können für praktischen Transport mit robusten Metallscharnieren eingeklappt werden
  • Geformte Hartschale für Schutz unterwegs
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Mind. Max.


Mind. Max.


These headphones are everything I expected! They are very comfortable, breathable and the sound quality is great. The controls are easy to understand and there were no issues connecting Bluetooth. Highly recommend!!

Great headphones!

I have used many different bluetooth headphones and earbuds. But, I believe I will not be switching from these headphones for a long time. The quality of these headphones is outstanding. They provide excellent sound, bass, and comfort. They seem to stay secure on your head even during the most intense exercises, even during long runs and sprints. These headphones are simply one of the best on the market at this point and time.

Not loud at all

I love the rock and what he stands for, but these headphones have such low max volume compared to other wireless/wired headphones (ex beats). There’s no way that he trains at such a low volume. I’ve never been more excited to buy a product then been so disappointed. I literally just unpacked them and am now returning them.

Perfect Gym Partner

These just plain blow the competition away. Compared to other on-ear headphones I've tried in the gym these are much more comfortable, do not slip off (even on my drenched head), and seem to be much more durable construction (you can feel and see the difference right out of the box). My gym sessions go for multiple hours, so I need something comfortable to wear for extended periods and these definitely have superior comfort. The ear cushions feel almost cotton soft with excellent padding. The headband is slip resistant and won't move while your head is at different angles for such lifts as benching, bent over rows, or deadlifts (this was a major problem for me with other on-ear headphones). They are not noise cancelling, but the sound is great with excellent bass and have more than enough coverage to tune out other music in the gym and other gym noise to keep you focused on your workout. The talk through technology is a nice feature, but I am not sure if I will ever use it as the pause button is almost as easy to access, but we will see. Easy to find volume controls and skipping tracks. Simple and easy to pair with my phone and they come with about 60% charge, so you have enough juice to head straight to the gym after opening. To put icing on the cake the headphones just look amazing and the case it comes with is awesome.

The perfect headphones for working out!

We asked for a product designed specifically for working out, and UnderArmour, along with the Rock and JBL, delivered. Very durable and great sound quality. These headphones make me proud to represent the Project Rock movement.

Training headphones that stand up to intense training

Finally someone made a set of over the ear headphones that wont malfunction from sweat, fall off of your head while deadlifting, and they still sound great. I see people complaining about small ear cups and the headphones being tight or uncomfortable. They are training headphones they are supposed to be snug so that they dont slide off during explosive movements. If you are getting these headphones for your daily elliptical session yes probably not your best option but if you are an intense hardcore trainer then these are the best heaphones out. They look great, sound great, are easy to use, and personally I dont find them uncomfortable at all, I dont think they would be good for a Netflix binge but thats not what they are marketed for. Trust me these are awesome training headphones....none better. Great job Rock, JBL, and UA.

Real Talk...

I received these headphones today. I was wearing the Bose QC 35 in the gym, but the ear cups were deteriorating due to the amount of sweat I was producing. (Hardcore) From the initial unboxing, the case is very durable and well built. The headphones themselves are true quality from the band to the headphones. The ear cups are smaller than I am use to, but the sound quality is on point. The controls are easy to learn and control, especially if you are drenched. The talk through feature is pretty convenient for quick conversations. KEEP IN MIND, these headphones are great and can be used for everyday use, but were built for the people who train hard in the gym. Keep that in mind when you read these reviews. If you are looking for a set of headphones to lounge in or for a flight with noice cancellation, you'd probably be better off looking elsewhere. BUT if you are looking for a set of badass, durable headphones to train hard with, THESE ARE THE ONES.

Being totally Honest

I was excited to get a pair of headphones that could stand up to the daily grind at the gym. I unfortunately was very disappointed when I first put them on today. At first glance they are pretty small. The ear cups are one of the smallest I've seen from an on ear headphone. I put them on and immediately I did not like the fit. I've had A LOT of expensive headphones over the years and these were the worst. The ear pads are not comfortable at all. I adjusted and adjusted more but they still felt ridiculously uncomfortable. I tried wearing them to the gym but ended up switching back to my old headphones. Shipping these back tomorrow.


Nothing else compares. These are true workout headphones. They are breathable, have a vented hard case, and the ear pads even come off to be hand washed. They have good noise cancellation, great sound quality, and are very comfortable to wear. I would highly recommend these headphones to anyone who workouts.

Project Rock Edition Delivers!

I ordered mine on day one and was a little hesitant about spending that much on a set of headphones, but I must say that they are worth every penny. I've tried a lot of cheaper headphones and none of them ever seemed to stack up. These, however, definitely justify the cost. The first thing you will notice is the impressive quality of the packaging and awesome look and sturdiness of the included case. The headphones themselves are a unique design and feel and look solid. They have some weight to them, but they are not bulky and don't feel heavy on your head. They are hinged just above the ear cups and fold compact in the case. The headband frame and hinges appear to be metal and the rest of the construction is a solid plastic that feels like it will easily survive typical headphone wear and tear. The ear cups are well padded and covered in a sweat proof material that can be removed for hand washing. The headband is padded as well and is covered in the same material. The headphones are one size fits all and fit snug on my (bald) head, but are not uncomfortable, and they don't feel like they will slide off easily during a workout. The controls are all on the right ear cup, well-placed, and easy to distinguish with your fingers while you are wearing it. You can control the volume up and down, play, pause, next and previous track; answer, reject and hang up calls; and you can even mute/un-mute your music by pressing the bull logo which will allow you to hear outside noise without taking the headphones off. While your music is playing, you won't hear much at all of the outside world. The headphones do a good job of sealing it all out. Now to how they sound. Obviously everyone has different opinions on what sounds good to them, but in my subjective opinion, you will not be disappointed by these. They have a rich, clean sound (courtesy of Harman/JBL) with plenty of volume. I have them paired to my Galaxy S8+ set to 67% volume and they are plenty loud without having to turn the headphones themselves up all the way. They are capable of reproducing solid bass and crisp highs, but it is important to know you really need an equalizer feature on whatever music app you are using in order to get them to their full potential. A flat signal from your player is going to sound disappointing, but that is because the headphones are designed for you to tweak your source to your liking and not come pre-configured to assault your ear drums with bass out of the box. I have my music app EQ'd how I like it and to me the headphones sound excellent. The rest of the package includes an audio cable for plugged in listening, a USB charge cable, very nice storage case, and plenty of instructions (although the diagrams are a little small and hard to see). Overall, I am extremely pleased with this purchase and I have to say The Rock came through on his promise to deliver the first high quality set of headphones designed to sound great and hold up during vigorous workouts. I can't think of anything I don't like about them and as long as they are durable and keep performing over time, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for solid, workout worthy headphones.