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UA True Wireless Flash Project Rock Edition Headphones

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  • Praktische Bluetooth©-Technologie sorgt für kabellose Verbindung ohne Ablenkung
  • JBL® Charged Sound mit exklusiver Rock-Tuned-Abstimmung für sattere Bässe, um dein Training zu rocken
  • Durch Bionic Hearing, eine einzigartige JBL-Technologie für Sound und Mikrofon, können Sportler mit Talk-Thru und Ambient Aware weiterhin Umgebungsgeräusche hören
  • Talk Thru-Technologie stellt die Musik leiser und aktiviert geräuschoptimierte Mikrofone, damit du zwischen den Sätzen Gespräche führen kannst, ohne die Kopfhörer abzunehmen
  • Mit Ambient Aware-Technologie kannst du während deines Workouts deine Lieblingsmusik hören und gleichzeitig die Geräusche in deiner Umgebung wahrnehmen
  • Die wasserdichte UA Stormproof-Technologie hält selbst dem härtesten Training stand
  • Die geflügelten Ohrstücke sind sicher, ultrabequem und verrutschen beim Laufen nicht
  • Steuerfunktionen für Musik, Anrufe und über die Mitteltasten auf den rechten und linken Ohrhörer
  • Bis zu 5 Stunden Batterielaufzeit mit einem robusten Aluminium-Gehäuse für 20 Stunden Aufladen
  • Inklusive Karabinerhaken und Hülle für unterwegs
  • Kabellose Bluetooth®-Technologie
  • Lieferumfang: Ohrhörer in 3 Größen, 3 geflügelte Erweiterungsstücke für Ohrstücke, Ladegehäuse mit Micro-USB-Anschluss, Ladekabel und Brahma Bull-Sticker
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Mind. Max.


Mind. Max.

Amazing training headphones!

These are amazing. It a bit too bit for my eares but still theye fit and sound amazing. I did a lot with these and never have they fallen out. I used them for about 3-4 h yesterday and I dident feel like they was there. They are stil charging tho after more than 8 h. And sometimes you could hear The sound go off and on for just under one sec. It was a bit anoying but it happened about 2 times in that 3-4 h. Still great headphones and I trust The rock and jbl. Thanks for this headphones and I hope you will love this.

Project Rock Flash Edition True wireless

I am a huge Project Rock fan and despite reading some reviews where other products were said to be a little better, I ignored the reviews and trusted the Rock, JBL and Under Armour. I have been waiting for these since the end of September and I think I must have driven Under Armour customer Services mad with the amount of communication asking when these would be available. I was checking the Under Armour website daily and when one early morning before going to work I saw that they were back in stock I thought Christmas had come early. I received these on Christmas Eve 2019 and on Boxing Day I was in the gym giving these bad boys a go and I must say it was worth the wait. These earbuds are absolutely amazing and now I have even more reason to trust in the Rock and Under Armour. I have used these for Cardio circuits, Boxing and weight training and at no stage have I been concerned that they are going to fall out. These are by far my best investment into my training and gym bag. They look the part, sound the part and feel amazing. Some of my weight sessions last about an hour and half and they do not feel at all uncomfortable. Some reviews have suggested that they are not load enough, who ever said that must have hearing issues, the sound quality is amazing and they sound great. When I am in the gym I do not hear anything else. Some reviews I have seen state that you can hear thumping when you run, again this is not the case, I have used these for running, Burpees, Mounting Climbers and skipping and no thumping, just quality sound. Thank You Rock, Under Armour and JBL, Keep doing what you doing and if the quality is as good as these then you will always have satisfied customers.


well where do I start I've owned so many different wireless earbuds used for the gym environment even project rock over headphones but for me these are fantastic great set of earbuds well done under armour and the rock sound quality is amazing so confidable dont even know there in your ears by far for me the best earbuds i have ever used excellent also the talk over button so handy also i got end season sale so 25 percent off rrp price trust not be disappointed in any way

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A livello estetico spettacolari e uniche!!! Perfette e curare in ogni dettaglio! Quasi da non volerle usare per non rovinarle!! Perfette per chi vuole far sport senza nessun disturbo esterno, se non voluto, una volta trovata la dimensione giusta dei gommini l'isolamento è impeccabile!! L'unico modo per sentire quello che ti circonda è attivare le funzioni: -Talk thru: che abbassa automaticamente il volume della musica a sottofondo in modo da poter scambiare due parole con chi si vuole senza dover togliere le cuffiette -Ambient aware che permette di sentire i rumori circostanti, utile se si è per strada a piedi. La qualità audio a volume basso o a volume massimo la non perde minimamente di qualità!! Davvero curate in ogni minimo dettaglio di qualita ed estetico!! SPETTACOLARI!!

Fallan con el tiempo...

Al principio estaba muy contento con ellos, tienen una buena calidad de audio, no son los más cómodos que he tenido pero no están mal, la calidad de los materiales es más que aceptable, la batería está cerca de lo prometido y son fáciles y cómodos de transportar, en ningún momento he tenido problemas de emparejamiento ni con smartphones ni entre ellos (era lo que más temía, ya que este tipo de auriculares suelen tener problemas al desconectarse uno de los auriculares). Desde hace un tiempo cuando llamo por teléfono parece como si los micrófonos hubieran dejado de funcionar ya que nunca me oyen por lo que no los puedo usar para hablar por teléfono. En cuanto a la carga en el estuche... no se cargan completamente y tengo que sacarlos y volverlos a poner para acabar la carga, el auricular derecho siempre se carga mucho antes que el izquierdo (raro porque siempre uso los dos a la vez), además cuando los auriculares se han cargado, sin sacarlos del estuche, se conectan al bluetooth de mi móvil gastando batería y el indicador de carga del estuche rara vez se ve por lo que nunca se cuánta carga queda (esto me pasa desde el primer día). Muy decepcionado, ahora ya no los utilizo nunca, ya que suelo hablar mucho por teléfono y los micrófonos no funcionan nunca. Una pena... pero NO puedo recomendar su compra.

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Best earphone to date

I've had these 6 months now and have put them through the tests. I'm going to do quite an in depth review as some people are probably unsure whether to spend that much. Over the last 20 years I've had all sorts but up till I got these I was using Bose for about a year so most this review is a comparison to them. 1. Comfort I've always struggled to get earphones to stay in, particularly whilst training. Over the year they've got better. These are by far the best. They dont move at all no matter what movement I do. I can sprint in them, do skipping, burpees you name it and they dont budge at all. 2. Sound Quality I listen to a variety of music whilst training/at work/commuting. The quality is very good. The bass is very true and crisp. The mids and lows are clear. The volume is good and I never take it to the max as they're plenty load enough without. 3. Noise cancellation These have talk thru and ambient aware. I find these useful in shops etc. The fit in the ear creates a good amount of passive noise cancellation. Although they don't say they have active noise cancellation when I hold the right button to switch them off the ambient sounds are louder. 4. Calls They can be used for hands free calls. The person on the other end says they arent as clear as previous. Although the others had a mic on the cable between the two earpieces. They do the job though. 5. Battery life The life is as advertised. At a high volume they do last 5 hours. The charging case provides 4 full charges. In 6 months of a lot of use I've seen no degregation in life. Once the battery gets to 20% there is a tone every 3 minutes until they die. 6. Build quality Charging case feels very well constructed. The ear buds so far are very good. Theres no sign of them coming apart. They've been sweated on and rained on and are still fine. They are made from an antibacterial material that doesn't retain odours. 7. Problems I've had a few. Most are minor. Firstly the charging case whilst charging doesn't always show the amount of charge left. I've put them in and taken them out and they're only at 40% as the case ran out. I've had a few occasions where the connection hasn't been good and the audio pulses at 1 second intervals. I simply turn them off then on and they're fine for another 4 weeks so not to much of a problem. Now and then they only connect to my phone (note 9) for calls only and not media. Again I power cycle them and they're fine. Conclusion I'll hand down say they're the best I've had. They stay in my ears no matter what I do and they're light so I don't notice them. The sound is brilliant and is on par with similarly priced earphones. They look good and the battery life is good. I use for more than 2 hours a day so they've probably had more than 50 charges so far and no sign of degrading. As the sound and build quality is similar to equivalent prices earphones it is the comfort and fit that has made these worth every penny I spent on them. If you have any doubts forget them and give them a try, it'll be worth it.


Ik heb product nu 2 maanden en Ze zijn fantastisch! Alleen wil ik Ze nu voor de 2e keer opladen maar ze laden niet meer op? Heeft iemand hier ook problemen mee gehad? Je krijgt er alleen een usb kabel bij - en heb meerdere oplaad stekkers gebruikt, maar tevergeefs. Wie oh wie heeft de gouden tip?

Finally, The Rock has come back to....

Believe the hype! These are the best in-ear earphones I have ever owned and I have tried many. First use was this morning on a 10k local run. Setup took all of 5 minutes. Seamless connection to my Samsung Galaxy S10+. Operating the ear buds took two minutes to get the hang of. The fit is perfect, absolutely no movement. Sound is unbelievable. Noise cancelling is the best I've experienced. The size of the buds are smaller than I thought which is a bonus. Second use was tonight in the gym. Again, I can't fault them. The TalkThru and Ambient Aware are the most amazing features ever. UA and the Rock have really smashed it out of the park with this product. Great job, guys!

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The rock

Les écouteurs the rock sont super. Le son est magnifique, ils tiennent dans les oreilles super bien. Le boitier de chargement et juste magnifique. Un super produit à recommander.

Worth it!

Great fit, easy adjustment, beautiful design, and simple to use. In my opinion, it is bargain paying the amount that they are selling for, when you have in mind their competitors. I definitely recommend the product.