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Product DNA

When health officials said healthy people should wear face masks, we started building prototypes until we made the perfect one for athletes. It's got the airflow you need, a cool feel, and the best fit for running or training.
  • Made from high-performance UA materials, designed to be worn all day & when playing sports
  • Water-resistant outer shell features smooth, breathable spacer fabric
  • Anti-microbial treatment on the inside layer to help keep mask fresh
  • Polyurethane open-cell foam lets air through but makes it hard for moisture & sweat to pass
  • UA Iso-Chill fabric on interior lining & ear loops feels cool to the touch for as long as you wear it
  • Structured design sits up off the face & lips for added comfort & breathability
  • Fabric is soft & smooth for next-to-face comfort & moves moisture from your mouth to the insert layer
  • Lining fabric extends up & is strategically shaped to lay flat across the bridge of your nose
  • Soft, adjustable nose bridge to secure it across the face
  • Includes washable, anti-microbial carrying pouch with locker tag to mark your name or number
  • Non-medical & non-surgical mask, does not protect against viruses
  • If you feel uncomfortable while wearing: stop exercise, remove mask & if needed, seek medical attention
  • Ear loops built with durable, non-fraying fabric designed to reduce strain on the ear & prevent chafing
  • FIND YOUR SIZE: Use a flexible measuring tape to go from the bridge of nose to just past the ear canal
  • Hand wash & lay flat to dry
  • All sales final
  • Mask is not for children under 2, please refer to local & national guidance for children 2+
  • Outer layer: 100% Polyester | Insert: 100% Polyurethane | Interior/ear loops: 77% Nylon/23% Elastane

Use a flexible measuring tape to measure from the bridge of the nose,
across the cheekbone, and then right past the ear canal.
Find the closest measurement in Table A.


Everyone’s face is a little different, so check out the Mask dimensions (Table B)
to make sure you know what the ultimate height and width are.


    It’s light, soft-but-structured fabric stays off your mouth and
    wicks sweat but still allows air to flow through.


    The fit is secure-but-not-tight, with a soft, adjustable nose bridge, and a strip of
    baselayer fabric for a snug fit under the glasses.


    The inside fabric uses UA Iso-Chill technology next to skin to disperse heat,
    so it actually feels cool when you put it on.


    It’s fully washable, durable, and then ready to wear over and over—
    making it more environmentally friendly than disposable masks or filters.

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I’ve had one of theses masks for over a year. I love the fit or shape the mask covers my face in the right areas and doesn’t feel too big or to small. However the metal for the nose has broke in three different places so I now have to adjust for that. The first break happened within 6 months the other two with in 9. The ear loops have no structure at all and stretch out so you have to make adjustments for that so it fits on your face correctly again. For the cost of this item these issues shouldn’t happen. They rushed these products out when Covid hit and they haven’t bothered to redesign them. Edited: I had to changed the wording about the price because they say I said specifically the price which I did not.

Great for both athletic and daily use

I've been through a lot of different masks over the past year, and I've found these to be the best I've used. I started up snowboarding again this past winter, and I had the issue of my usual cotton masks actually freezing if I took them off for a second to get a fresh breath while I was on the lift. I have a lot of under armour products that I wear regularly, so I figured I'd give these a shot. First off, I didn't have the freezing issue on the mountain, so that was an excellent thing. Secondly, I found these to be exceptionally comfortable, so I started wearing them everywhere, from grocery shopping, to being out in the public. During the warmer months, I ride bmx, so I'm usually in proximity of other people during the ride from one place to the next, so I'll wear mine as I ride. I have no issues breathing while I'm pedaling around and working up a sweat/breathing heavier. The only issue I have, is with the for around my nose. My sunglasses will fog up because of the humidity of my breath. I didn't have this problem in more humid climates (Florida), but back in New England it's a real issue for me. It's tough, since the L/XL is what fits the dimensions of my face perfectly, but it feels a bit too large in the ears/across the face, which is likely the cause of fogging. It's not a negative, only a minor inconvenience, so it's not enough to complain about, just mention in passing.

comes below nose when talking

The earloops feel very comfortable, but this mask is definitely thick and warm. It would be ok for sitting alone, but I wouldn't want to work out in it and it easily slips below my nose when talking.

this mask is way too thick to be breathable

this mask is way too thick to be breathable. and t makes my glasses fog

Dont size down!!

I ordered 2 of these and followed another reviewers suggestion to size down. For reference I'm a 5'3" female about 135 lbs. I ordered the XS/S and its way too small. So small that I cant wear it. It looks like its meant to fit a pre-teen. Now I have 2 masks that I cant return/exchange (even though one hasnt been opened). They are also very thick so I'm sure how comfortable they would be to work out in.

Hot and sweaty

So I got this mask thinking it would be cooler in the Texas heat. Maybe I’m wearing it wrong? Are you supposed to run water over it first or something? I don’t and it’s very hot. I live in Texas, but I thought this mask was supposed to be cooling? ISO-cool technology..? Please let me know if I’m supposed to wet it first because the instructions have no words on them and the picture with water being put into the mask could just mean “hand-wash to clean the mask”

Might as well stuff a sock in your mouth

Terrible. Fits weird on all sizes, if you move your jaw at all (even with a size that’s too big) it will slip down and block your nostrils. Sure it keeps the fabric away from your mouth, but it also doesn’t let any air in or out. Ran a warmup half mile at the gym and had to stop when I started to pass out from hyperventilating. Do not buy this product.

Very Comfortable, but glasses still fog

mask is very spongy feeling, very lightweight and the fit is great - finally a mask that reaches under my chin. The part that goes under your eyes and over your nose bump between them would benefit from a thicker, sturdier material to better keep it's shape and stay flatter against your skin. It was hard to keep my glasses from fogging and I was only walking with the mask on - no running or strenuous activity. At first the mask felt hotter than my all cotton knit masks, but after awhile I either adjusted to it or I warmed up as I walked. I washed it after the first wearing (I had it on for about 3 hours) and have yet to wear it again so maybe some of the "felt hot" issue will not be relevant after any chemicals introduced by the manufacturing process get washed out.

Good Mask BUT Nose Wire Breaks Easily

We have 12 masks that our tween boys wear for competitive soccer and futsal as well as to school etc. Unfortunately, the nose wire in every mask broke within weeks! Total fail!! Initially, the masks were great as they’re fitted, triple layer protection, and the shape makes it easy to breathe while exercising and playing sports. Our boys wear glasses and rec specs for sports so a tight fit is great so glasses/rec specs don’t fog up and, of course, for safety reasons. Now, we’re left with 12 masks that don’t fit properly which is crazy for the amount we paid. IF they fix the flimsy nose wire issue, these would be great as they’re our “go to” mask for our twin tween boys.

Not sure

Like the idea and the comfort of the mask but doesn’t stay on my face when I open my mouth. I’m wondering if it’s too large?? I was measured by the sales representative.