Damen Sport-BH Armour® Mid Crossback

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Modelgröße: Größe: Passform: Kompression
Damen Sport-BH Armour® Mid Crossback

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Die einzigartige Trägerkonstruktion bietet zusätzlichen Halt an den richtigen Stellen, sodass du von Anfang bis Ende dein Bestes geben kannst.
  • Kompression: Ultraenger Schnitt – wie eine zweite Haut
  • Optimal geeignet für Cup-Größen A bis C
  • Bietet strategische Unterstützung für Aktivitäten mit mittlerer Belastung, wie Radfahren, Krafttraining & Boxen
  • Weiche, atmungsaktive Cups für zusätzliche Struktur & Bedeckung
  • Herausnehmbare Cups mit hilfreichen L & R-Pfeilen für einfaches Einfügen
  • Überkreuzträger mit femininem Keyhole-Detail
  • Der aktualisierte Gummizug fühlt sich supergeschmeidig und weich an
  • Der supergeschmeidige, doppelschichtige HeatGear®-Stoff verleiht ein angenehmes hautnahes Gefühl
  • Das Material leitet Schweiß weg und trocknet sehr schnell
  • Der 4-Way-Stretchstoff sorgt für bessere Bewegungsfreiheit in alle Richtungen
  • 87 % Polyester/13 % Elastan

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Fällt klein aus Fällt groß aus


Mind. Max.


Mind. Max.


This expensive sports bra is utter garbage. I have had it in equator blue for about 6 months and it is already so stretched out at to be unusable. I am a 36D and I got it in large. Not to mention, at first it was ok in the band but awful as far as fitting your boobs. It felt like it was maybe designed for a B cup at most. I had uniboob and disgusting boob sweat since the fabric is not breathable. Don’t even get me started on the cups, which are about as useful as hamburger buns stuffed in the bra. I am so disappointed because of how expensive this piece of junk was. It’s no wonder UA is suffering right now. Plus, my previous review seems to have conveniently disappeared from the page, probably because UA is filtering for only good reviews.

Comodidad y sujeción

Tengo varios sujetadores de este modelo en diferentes colores, no los cambio por ninguno otro. Lo recomiendo por su comodidad y sujeción. No incomoda ni presiona, y tienes libertad de movimientos.

This product is very comfortabel

This sports bra is very comfortable and true to size. Works great for running and all sports !

Pads don't come out during wash

This is the first sport bra I have found that the bra padding does not come out during the wash and dry cycles. Love it!

Fits very comfortably - great coverage

This bra is very comfortable. The sizing guide was helpful in choosing which size to buy and fit how I expected it to.

Not for women with muscles

I really wanted to like this bra. I'm 5'3.5", with not much of a chest, but pretty muscular build. After taking measurements, I went with a size small. I like how the straps allow for movement of my shoulders, and the bra is pretty supportive. However, I'm disappointed with how it shows "lat fat", you know- the lat muscle spilling over the top sides of the bra. I am hoping that it will stretch out a little to minimize the lat fat issue. Otherwise, I wish I had sized up to a medium.

Poor fit if you have broader shoulders

Unfortunately this bra was disappointing to try on. I followed the measurement guide to get the best fit per UA and it said "X-small." I knew better to order a size up, and the size small fit across my chest well, however the straps were tight across my shoulders and create that uncomfortable/not pretty underarm skin/fat look plus major uniboob. I'm thin/athletic build with some muscle, but not nearly as muscular as your models--how do these bras fit them without this happening or is it airbrushed out? Ha! Oh well, but certainly returning this bra due to the fit. Meant for someone with very narrow shoulders/upper body.


Pasvorm is heerlijk. Ook prima stof en irriteert niet. Fijn dat er geen haakjes aan zitten

Very comfortable and love wearing to gym

This bra fits very well and has the perfect fit for wearing to work or to workout in. I love the colors and that it has two separate colors. The bra is very comfortable and it looks good on.


This sports bra is perfect for my workouts. Great support and comfy!