Herren Handschuh UA Spieth Tour

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Herren Handschuh UA Spieth Tour

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  • Das .35-.35 Tour-Niveau Cabretta-Leder bleibt weich und fühlt sich bei jedem Swing gut an
  • Under Armour® Fit-Technologie sorgt für einen komfortablen Sitz und damit höchste Konzentration
  • Premium Grip-Systemfür maximale Kontrolle
  • Mit der eingebauten Verschlussschnalle lässt sich der Handschuh perfekt individuell anpassen
  • Wird als einzelner Handschuh verkauft
  • Importiert

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Velcro tore off by the 4th hole

by the 4th hole the stitching on the velcro section began tearing off, also had a hole wearing though the palm of the glove. wicked for a 25 dollar glove. grab a footjoy

Small and inconsistent

I'm lucky enough to have one of Jordan's gloves he left in a rental car. I played some of the best golf of my life with it.Mid 70's at 67 years old with a 6 handicap. I decided to spend big $$$ on a couple large gloves just like his.. One I couldn't get on at all and the other barely. The leather on one was very thick compared to the real thing, and the other wasn't close either. I'd be happy to send the I have if I can get a couple just like it.

a little long in the thumb

I rotate through gloves as they get sweaty during a round or range session, so I'll wear two or three different gloves from different manufacturers in a couple hours easily. They all fit slightly differently. I typically wear an XL, which is what I bought for this glove. The XL fits me..................... ...............like a glove. At least for the first 5-6 swings. After that, the thumb seems a little long, but it doesn't affect the performance. I will tug the glove at the wrist to pull it back down, but it's more of a mental thing, and if I can forget about the slight excess material at the glove it's fine. The material is soft and grippy (but not too grippy), thin (which is good for sensitivity), and the seams are out of the way. I've also ordered the IsoChill glove because it seems like it'll be a lot cooler for play on those really hot days.

Decent Quality and feel, but sizing is off

Previously bought ML in other Under Armour Models, played the cool switch in the same size before and it fit perfect.The Spieth Tour Medium Large is way to big and after a few rounds is way to stretched out. Tried a medium but its way to tight. Figure out your sizing Under Armour. Everything here was engineered to make you better, unless we don't make your size should be your new slogan.

Top Handschuh im klassischen Design

Ich freue mich, das immer mehr gut Sportfirmen Einzug halten in den Golfsport und mit diesem Handschuh ist es Under Armour hervorragend gelungen, den eingesessenen Firmen etwas Feuer zu machen. Ohne dabei zu ausgefallen auftreten zu wollen.

Overall good glove

Overall I’m happy with the glove. Runs a tad small, but feels good. Played a few rounds and had a lesson with the glove and it isn’t showing any signs of wear yet.

Great Feel, Bad Performance

This glove feels awesome when you first put it on. It is so soft and has a stretchy feel for added comfort. That being said, I am so disappointed by the performance of this glove. I played one round with this glove. By hole 5 I noticed a big wear right on the inside left palm(by the thumb). By hole 13 The was a small hole forming in the same location. By the end of the round it was unwearable and destroyed. Save your money and buy a glove that performs for more that 9 holes. I hope UA can fix the issue!


Bought one of these a month or so ago. Hit some balls at range prior to the round and really liked the feel of it. The size was perfect, everything felt nice. Unfortunately, by the 6th hole, it ripped on a seam where it was stitched and only got worse during the remainder of round.

I like this glove!

I like to match logos so I wanted to go head to toe under armour. This is a premium glove that is similar thickness and feel to other premium gloves. Definitely size up! I normally wear xl cadet and can get a large on in some brands. I'm a solid xxl in this glove. I have enjoyed wearing this glove.

Great glove if the size matches the package size!!!!!

Let me first start by saying I really do like this glove even better then the UA Strikeskin. That being said I am very disappointed in Under Armours Quality control with this product. I'm sure Speith wouldn't be happy since his name is on this glove. I am sure his is made for his hand size though. I always worn a Left handed Large Cadet glove. I have even been measured for it. I wear that size in the UA Strikeskin as well.I have now ordered multiple gloves in both Men's Left Handed Cadet L and XL. All 4 gloves were different sizes. The one large felt like a medium the other was not a Cadet even though it said it. The one xl felt like my Strikeskin L and the other was a 2xl. I went to the the brand house store in Philadelphia today and tried every glove they had in the store on. All of the XL were way to big and only 1 out of the 4 Cadet Larges fit like the Strikeskin glove I had next to it. The rest were mediums that had to mis labeled. I brought this up to the manager and he saw what I was talking about and couldn't believe it either. I wear all UA golf gear and once in a while you will receive a product that runs different then other items you have in that color. This time it's just all over the place. Not only is the size off, the thickness is as well. I really like the one XL that is a large because it is thinner then the Strikeskin but now I can't find on that is as thin as that one. This is a great glove if you lucky enough to find your right size. Hopefully UA can fix this issue since the glove itself is a nice design. You always want your glove to fit correctly.