Herren Kompressions-Shirt UA HeatGear® Armour langärmlig

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Modelgröße: Größe: Passform: Kompression
    • Farbe: Blue (400)
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Modelgröße: Größe: Passform: Kompression
Herren Kompressions-Shirt UA HeatGear® Armour langärmlig


Armour ist bei jedem Training oder Wettkampf das erste, was du anziehst und das letzte, was du ausziehst.
  • Kompression: Ultraenger Schnitt – wie eine zweite Haut
  • Der HeatGear® Stoff mit allen Vorteilen der UA Kompression ist bequem genug, um den ganzen Tag zu tragen
  • Elastische Netzstoffeinsätze unter den Armen sorgen für strategische Lüftung
  • Sonnenschutzfaktor UPF 30+ zum Schutz der Haut vor schädlichen Sonnenstrahlen
  • Der 4-Way-Stretchstoff ermöglicht eine größere Bewegungsfreiheit in allen Richtungen
  • Das Moisture Transport System transportiert den Schweiß vom Körper weg
  • Die Anti Odor-Technologie verhindert das Wachstum von Mikroben und beugt so der Geruchsbildung vor
  • Netzstoffeinsatz hinten am Hals mit ARMOUR Wortmarke
  • Hauptteil: 140 g Polyester/Elastan
  • Netzstoffeinsatz: 130 g Polyester/Elastan

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cooler style

Bund /Taille könnte ein bisschen weiter sein, falls man kein six pack hat ;-)

My "Go-to" Undershirt

Over a 14-month period I lost 102 pounds. I have loose skin. I work out but nothing is going to get rid of the skin but surgery. These compression undershirts are my go-to. Stops the jiggling and wiggling and holds my belly in when I'm doing cross-fit. I even where them under my work shirts in the office. I highly recommend these for compression and comfort!

Awesome compression shirt

I love Under Armour compression shirts. I have quite a few short sleeves and few tanks. This is my first long sleeve Heatgear (I have a few Coldgear). I love it. It hugs my body. It really shows off my pecs, biceps and triceps because it contours to them. I got quite a few looks at the gym today. Definitely comfortable and great for muscle recovery after working out hard. Highly recommend!

Runs very tight. Get at least 1 size larger than usual

The shirt is warm as long as there is no wind. The wind goes right through it. I wear a Large in all my UA gear, but I would need at least an XL for this shirt.

Stitching issues

So I have had this shirt for 6 weeks and wear it once a week to Jiu Jitsu and the stitching is coming undone. I am guessing it isn't built for this type of wear. It would be perfect for any other type of sport but save your money if you plan on using it for MMA type sports.

Perfect for tall guys!!

Thank you UnderArmour for offering tall sizes!! I'm 6'4" tall and finding shirts that fit is quite the challenge. I've purchased many UA products over the past few months and am officially obsessed! I've bought many of the short sleeves of the heat gear collection prior to buying these. The regular sizes fit well, but they do tend to ride up a bit. Had I known UA offered tall sizes, I would go back and re-buy them! Oh well. But the tall versions are perfect for me. The sleeves run a little past my wrists when fully stretched, but comfortable and functional nonetheless. Unfortunately, not all colors or the really cool printed shirts are available in tall sizes. Otherwise, I would buy them all for sure. Shipping is fast, usually 3 or 4 business days, and I live all the way in New Mexico! Excellent work guys!!

UA quality you would expect.

Love this, have multiple colors. Very comfortable. Most importantly I don't get over heated. Only complaint is that the sleeves are too long!! I realize that I am a female and these are for males but I have incredible long arms. I am shorter than others around me but I can reach more things than they can. Overall happy. Crazy fast shipping and as always amazing customer service.

Good but short

I use this shirt for training and look and feel is good. Unfortunately the shirt is to short. With certain excerises the shirt creeps up so to say. I have chosen the size using the size tabel though. If the shirts were longer that would be perfect.

Long underwear that doesn't keep you warm? Surprize!

I purchases Heat Gear compression leggings and a Heat Gear long sleeve shirt to keep warm when I play golf. We tee of at sunrise so its usually in the 40s with a light breeze and some moisture in the air so it feels pretty brisk outside. I thought this product was like long underwear. I was wrong. I wore them under golf pants and under a golf shirt and a lightweight jacket. I froze my rear off! I have to admit, I find this product confusing. I don't know when I would ever put on tight fitting leggings and a long sleeve shirt to stay cool? loose fitting shorts and a tee shirt seem more appropriate. I'm really not sure what to do with these at this point. Fix and compression is good, they don't bind or inhibit motion e.g., swinging the golf club. The compression, in itself, didn't seem to keep me warm. Not sure how that would work anyway.

Perfect for training

I bought this shirt for rugby and overall training. A component of my rugby training was cold weather morning training. This shirt worked perfectly for keeping me warm. And during the heat of the summer, it wicks sweat away and ventilates really well. This was my first under armour purchase and it has given me a good opinion of the company. Definitely recommend