Herren UA Valsetz RTS Stiefel 1.5

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Diese praktischen, robusten Herrenstiefel sind selbst den härtesten Aufgaben gewachsen und dabei so bequem wie ein Laufschuh. Daher genießen sie das Vertrauen von Männern und Frauen in Uniform auf der ganzen Welt.
  • Leichtes, strapazierfähiges Obermaterial aus Synthetikleder und innovativem Textil
  • Das Under Armour ClutchFit™-Knöchelunterstützungs-System passt sich dem Fuß an und bietet ihm Halt, wo du ihn am meisten brauchst
  • Strapazierfähige, aber dennoch flexible TPU-Zehenkappe für zusätzlichen Schutz
  • Die verschweißte PU-Schicht entlang des gesamten Randes sorgt für Abriebfestigkeit
  • Vorgeformte antimikrobielle Ortholite®-Einlegesohle
  • Die ultraleichte Mittelsohle aus Micro G™-EVA sorgt für Komfort – den ganzen Tag lang
  • Der Schaft aus leichtem TPU stützt den Mittelfußbereich und liefert die passende Stabilität
  • Die neue Außensohle mit Traktionsgummiprofil sorgt für Halt auf verschiedensten Böden
  • Artikelnr.: 3021034
  • Höhe: 18 cm
  • Gewicht: 385 g

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Mind. Max.

Love the fit and comfort, quality sucks

I bought these boots 4 months ago, and I’ve worn them 5 times putting less than 30 miles on them. As I was putting them on for the 5th outing, I noticed the inside seam in both boots has started coming apart. They never been wet in any weather other than in dirt and rocks. Very frustrated, not the quality I expect from UA.

This product in NOT durable.

I was given a pair as a gift. After 2 days of not strenuous use they started cracking. That is ridiculous. While they are light and comfortable, that comes at the price of no durability. They cannot be exchanged because of the misfortune of my birthday being more than 60 days before hunting season. So no, these cannot be recommended to anyone.

Boots are losing there shape and tearing 4 months

These boots are curling up at the toes and are stuck that way, also starting to rip and seems are coming apart where the crease is from bending. I purchased these boots on 5/20 and they're falling apart 5 months old! They are wearing in the middle of the shoe, almost no tread left. I definitely want a return, these are not cheap boots!


I just got my new pair of Valsetz yesterday. I put them on this morning and I was immediately disappointed, they are nothing like my old pair. The new pair are made out of less comfortable materials, the rubber are much harder and the mesh is different. I loved my old pair! I didn't have to break them in at all, these ones I had to take off after a couple of hours. They are a lot stiffer everywhere. I'm hesitant to buy a new pair after these ones.

Terrible Boot Sizing

Boot Fits Extremely Tight Compared To Other Under Armour Boots I Currently Wear. May Need To Ask For Return Instructions.

Do not hold up..

Boots are comfortable but they do not hold up. Only been wearing them for one month on this deployment and are tearing on the inside of the boot.

Poor Quality

I purchased these boots back in June and the sole is already detaching from the bottom of one of the boots. The material on the sides split easily from normal use. I would not recommend these boots to anyone. The construction was extremely poor and do not hold up well as everyday work boots.

Falling apart

They are already falling apart, the black is peeling off and the bottom of them are coming off of the boot.

Fell apart in 9 months..

These boots were very comfortable and light weight while they lasted but they fell apart in less than 9 months. The stitches started coming out and the soles started separating from the boot. I've owned several pairs of UA boots in the past and these were the only onse I've had a problem with.


I previously owned the Valsetz 1.0 but had to return them after the toe constantly fell apart with regular use. I bought the 1.5 after being promised they fixed all the old problems from the 1.0. Boots are currently only a year old with no heavy usage in combat or sports. Not even at a job site. Toe stitching held up longer than the 1.0 but eventually did start falling apart from the edges with just normal regular use (street walking, shopping, ect.) They breathed pretty well up until the first time they got wet and dirty (it started to rain while I was walking). Ever since they got wet, they do not breath well at all. The fabric is also made to look like it's rip stop, but it's not. Got a small nick behind the toe from something that normally should not have torn the material. Tear kept getting larger and larger from normal use until it was the size of a walnut. Holds in moisture and mold like nobody's business. The sole held up though. Been about to put at least 50 miles of walking on concrete to them before they were worn flat. Heel has always been and will always be absolutely terrible. No matter which version, my heel has worn a hole in the back of the inside of the boots. The same fabric that coats the inside of the rest of the boot is used in the heel rather than a patch of some other more durable material. Serious design flaw. That hole has curls of fabric that wear blisters into my heel. For the same price I just ordered me some USMC RAT boots as a replacement.